Looking for a relaxed guild? Breakfast Club Recruiting! 3 slots open

We are level 437 guild are looking for ACTIVE players. We welcome players of all levels and are a pretty relaxed bunch. We regularly hit 20k seals/week, have 300% daily bonuses and have 90+ to all Masteries.

There are no gold requirements as our members typically contribute genously. There is a Weekly Tithe but is on a sliding scale so lower level members can focus on building up their kingdoms. One additional requirement, members who are inactive for 5+ days without warning will be booted.

Rank 5 tithe is 25 trophies + 300 seals
Rank 4 tithe is 50 trophies + 400 seals
Rank 3 tithe is 75 trophies + 500 seals
Rank 2 tithe is 100 trophies + 700 seals

I adjust your ranking according to how you perform every Sunday evening, the only pressure in our guild is to get the Rank 2" required tithe … and have fun doing it.

Please reply to this post with your invite code.

All levels welcome.