Looking for a high level relaxed guild? Join the Breakfast Club! 1 slot open

We are level 400+ guild are looking for ACTIVE players. We welcome players of all levels. We regularly hit 20k seals/week, have 300% daily bonuses and have 85+ to all Masteries.

There are no gold requirements as our members typically contribute genously. There is a Weekly Tithe but is on a sliding scale so lower level members can focus on building up their kingdoms. One additional requirement, members who are inactive for 5+ days without warning will be booted.

Tier 5 tithe is 25 trophies + 300 seals
Tier 4 tithe is 50 trophies + 400 seals
Tier 3 tithe is 75 trophies + 500 seals
Tier 2 tithe is 100 trophies + 700 seals

We are an open guild so look for us or reply to this post with your invite code.

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I’m a new-ish player @ level 75 with Deathknight armor.


Invite sent … welcome to the guild!

Would like to join. Level 319 just recovered my account after old phone died. Looking for a new guild.

invite code HERMIT_3

I’m a level 167 player looking for a new guild that is more active than my current one. I am still working on building up a few of my kingdoms, but will gladly contribute both gold and trophies each week. I am a consistent daily player.

If you still have spots available please let me know so I can leave my current guild and I’ll send the invite code. Thanks!

Hey , just started lvl 40 for 3 days will be very active , in looking for good friendly guild

Invite Code : Ragnar_134

I have spots available still … let me know when your ready.

Ragnar it Says your already in a guild … if you would still like to join my guild please leave the one you in and I will send you an invite

Hiya! I’d be interested in joining if there’s room! invite code TAERUQ

Invite sent … welcome

Thanks! Invite code is GABBRYROSE

invite sent … welcome to othe guild

Thanks so much!

I would like to join a more active guild than my current one, just as Gabbryrose.
Contributions are no problem!
I’m online every day.

I would be glad if you could invite me under invite code: SATIRAC

Sent you the invite satirac welcome to the guild.

Hi. I m looking for an active guild
I m a daily player, lvl 95
my invite code is RODRIGO_35
Looking forward to join your guild!

Thank you very much, Xuthas! :smiley:

Sorry for the delayed response racanepa, would you still like to join my Guild? If so leave your currant guild and I will send you an invite.

I would be interested, my current guild doesn’t reach 20k seals often enough to my liking. In game name is just Frank, invite code is FRANK 46

Would love to have you join us Frank. Just let me know when you’ve left your guild and I will send the invite.