Looking for a new home (found, thank you)

Hello there! I am looking for a new guild to call home.

A little about me: level 542, all kingdoms at 10. I can contribute 250k-500k gold and 500-1000 seals per week.

Why I left my previous guild: I was in Heroes United for a year, and it’s a really great guild. (Check them out, they’ll be looking for another person for my spot.) However, the last few months has seen a decline in time, energy, and interest available for this game. I’ve been playing practically since mobile launch over two years ago, and while I still enjoy it, I can’t contribute the kind of time and effort required of a top 20 guild anymore. New job, crazy home life, and trying to build up a side business all work against me right now.

So! I am looking for a friendly, active guild that is okay with 500 seals one week, 1000 the next. I doubt that I have the time for the full 1500 per week, though it’s possible I might manage it on occasion. I do contribute a consistent amount of gold, easily 250k, usually more. If you are looking for someone like me, please let me know! :sunglasses:

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Hi, I’m the guildmaster of The Assplowers. We’re currently in 85th place (level 275) and would love to have you! Send me your invite name if you’re interested

If you are looking for a more casual guild. League Rebels are looking for players. It is a fairly new guild.

Hi, if you are still looking a new home we will be happy to have you.
We are rank 400 200% gold bonus and we have no requirement about seals/gold or trophy.
Anyone is making following his possibilities.
In a month we climbed about 100 positions on rank and we are proceeding fast.
Hope to see you.

Realm of the Undead has one spot open.
Rank 85 guild.
Please see our recruiting post for requirements

Home found. Thank you all!