Look at this stupid jerk

his big fat ugly nose, his dumb grin, i hate him! i hate everything about him! he’s so small and yet everytime he feels like he’s harder to take down than huge ass dragons, screw goblins!

i wish i could have scored myself a gob chomper when it was avaiable


My feelings expresed by somebody else! Lol! ^///^ He has gave me so many wins tho… Love this bastard.

Great to own. Sometimes a nightmare to battle. The to and fro of the Goblin race. Lol.

I hate goblins so much. My defend team is just 4x giants with a Gob-chomper. Ogre - Cyclops - Gob-Chomper - Stone Giant. Any goblin team that doesn’t scout first is in for a challenge, especially since they are all max traited and all level 20. It wins enough to accumulate multiple wins while still getting that much needed 3 loses.

My PVP Team:

Luther (Level 18, Epic, 1. Trait)
Orion (Level 19, Legendary, 1. Trait)
Alchemist (Level 17, Ultra, All Traits)
Green Seer (Level 18, Epic, 1. Trait)

No bonuses, no Level 10 Kingdoms.

I crush most goblins with this team. I only get in trouble if they are on Legendary or Mythic, because the skull damage is too high then. Skeletons o the other hand… never won against any of them.

I just saw your level (Monday) and chose another match, didn’t even bother to scout :slight_smile:

That would explain why I got 0 invades even when my defend was 1 peasant. xD It is your reason right there that is one of the main reasons I actually use and switch up my defend team.

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if I find you now that I’m PvP 1, I’ll fight you… just didn’t want to bother scouting when trying to get to PvP 1 without losing and in my limited time frame of playing :slight_smile:

cannot talk bad bout goblins, as my android account had a 5 color goblin team at level 7 :smiley: much love to guild tasks for that lol.