You know it's time to nerf goblins when

Ok, so in PVP I run a color-switching farm team. Acolyte, Alchemist, Valkyrie, and Celestasia for a bit of longevity. It works pretty well. But today I showed up for PVP for the first time this week, and what do I see across the grid from me? Four ultra-rare, fully-traited Goblins. Goblin, Boar Rider, Hobgoblin, Shaman. I get in one match and WHAM there goes my Acolyte. Well, at least it’ll be a quick match.

It was not a quick match. A few minutes later, the most glorious thing happened. I switched some colors with my Valkyrie, and this treasure-map producing, eight-hit combo happens. During this combo, I match skulls FOUR TIMES, and my old man Alchemist proceeds to BEAT the EVER. LOVING. HELL. out of that Goblin.

Clearly, this is a man who has had it with the Goblin meta.


Freeze in 1.0.9 is an extremely hard counter to them. Freezing Boar Rider would freeze most of the colors that the traditional 4x goblin team uses, plus the ability of Boar Rider from producing an extra turn. Other than that, 3x Gob-Chomper with an Acolyte can beat any 4x goblin team regardless of how traited or leveled they are.

Plus the fact that goblins really aren’t much of a threat…

4x goblins is pretty big early game with +4 attack, +10 hp, and every troop with extra turn.

Team full of gob chompers chew up stupid goblins hehe

Look at the 1st gob chomper. With his double skull vs marauders thats 100+ attack.

When you are against a goblin team you should put a more attacking team out, with a color-switching team its just not attacking enough to take down a strong Goblin team, generally.

Seriously, you see that team for the first time, NOW? A plenty of us fight it every other battle since 1.07 (enriched with traits since 1.08).

We had dozens of threads on it too. No recent ones guess because the skullgen/trueshot teams are way more nasty :slightly_smiling:

If you can’t beat real teams with your farming one (as actually supposed to happen), it is not the game’s problem and absolutely no ground to nerf anything. You’re welcome to assemble a real offense team or just take the easy way out by retreat or exit, lately it does not even cost gold.

That, er, nice farming team… but as @pasa says, hardly combat-ready… nothing there deals damage! Presumably it’s intended to bore the enemy to death… or let them die peacefully from old age…?

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