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Longest win streak

Since the new defense bonuses, I went 75 and 0. That came to an end 3 weeks ago.

Since then, I lose 1 or 2 a week. It seems since then the other guilds are catching on to better defensesand what is annoying or tough.

I was just wondering if anyone out there, who cares to share, the longest they went without losing a match.

I’m on ps4 and in bracket 1.

Nemesis guild leader.

No I don’t want this to be made into a poaching list either so let’s try and keep this positive please. Thanks.

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Last time I lost in GW was back in September or August. But the reason to that is our new guild “Gems of Thr0nes” and the opposition we face in bracket #42567548901 or something. I’ve yet to see a match I’ve couldn’t win blindfolded. Maybe when we rise to bracket 10 I need to open my eyes when I play GW. Waiting for it…


Something changed this patch with GW scores.

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What does that even mean? I’m not talking about scores at all.

@Santandrix and your streak loss coincides with my time of joining :laughing:

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At the start of GW I managed a 156 games winning streak, and it was in bracket 1 (I was in Stratagem at that time). Mobile/pc btw :grin:

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I don’t care about my win streak or how many defence losses I have, only how much glory and gold I can earn. The only time I care about this defence malarkey is in guild wars!
Oh and there’s now another dawnbringer in the arena, sorry folks.