Weekly Win Streak Contest

Since guild wars is gone this week, lets see who can get the biggest win streak from PVP. I’ll update the title with the current leader.


Are you Going to have three categories for 1,2 and three trophies or all around and is this PC mobile or all platforms.

All around, all platforms.

Your winner with be a pc player sitting with a 1t defense farming 1 trophy battles GG

I just thought it would be fun. I’m a PC player and I can’t seem to break a streak of 50 without the AI demolishing me in a random match.

2% loss rate isn’t bad for most teams. I’m sitting on 127 in a row stemming into last week so several GW battles and all 3t fights except the odd revenge. At the top end most teams with high win rates are slower dual transform like alch/hellcat or seer/giant spider ect.