Still undefeated! Or not?

Concluding 1 month of GW I managed a win streak of 120 wins and thus still undefeated in GW☺ in bracket 1 at that!

Just curious if there are other players here who did the same?


How many troops did you lost and were you paragon?

An impressive feat for sure! :clap:

Hopefully you will lose tomorrow, lets see. :sweat_smile:

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4 weeks would be quite a feat to accomplish on console the AI being what it is. Did you go perfectly flawless last week?

For example: Look at the weekly Guild points cluster at the top 500-700k on console vs 800-1,000 on PC. Without the ability to lead the AI around be the nose your going to loose a battle here and there.


@Strat Yup 5-0 all week but lost couple troops and i was paragon which is more easy with the crazy stats i had

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I am still paragon this week cause i did the most points but like i said i got crazy stats so i don’t see how i can loose this place. The ranking system is weird they should put random paragon every week

I don’t keep track of lost troops unfortunately, but I didn’t have a perfect record each day though. I lost some here and there. In this month I of course had some close calls too.

1st week I was soldier, then 2 times champion and last week paragon. This week I’m herald. My guild, stratagem, did really well this week :blush:

I only play on Android :slight_smile:

The longer the win streak, the more probable I’ll lose the next one :slight_smile: A loss would perhaps not be bad as it would get me rid of the tension of maintaining the win streak, but I’ll try to postpone it a bit longer lol


A flawless score means not loosing any battle + playing a deck with 4 cards of the right color + ending the game with 4 troops alive though.

I lost only one battle to a Mercy having 3 unshackable stacks of yellow/purples, feeding a maw and an IK on first turn, eating my damage dealer and beating the tank of my weakest mono colored deck (red), other than that, I lost a troop here and there, say 2 days a week, oh, and there were this one time I accidentally started a war with the wrong deck.

Other than that, I’ve done pretty fine in the war. Last week I summed 37 470 points for instance (bracket 5-6)

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Well flawless in my book means not losing. I used all the right colours bar 1 battle where I used 2 of another colour. Read flawless as undefeated then.

Flawless means without flaw. Read perfect.
A perfect war would mean a perfect score of 37 800 points per week.


I’m not here to start a discussion over words but to talk about something positive. I’ll use the word undefeated in the future

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Except that’s not how probability works!



Accurate as always @Lyya if your dealing with systems.

Human nature though always has a psychological component, and the stress he places on himself with each passing game might encourage him to make mistakes he otherwise wouldn’t have under normal conditions slightly lowering his odds of a win. (stress negativity effecting performance).

So assuming we could assign a reliable number, and every battle was equal difficulty (I can’t control for either). If his first few games he had a 99% chance to win, he might have “psyched” himself out by now and be performing under his potential, down 95%?

Based on his comments above concerning “Win streaks” and “tension” I’d guess he’s partially “psyched himself out” already. :wink:

One more thing, I think we need two easy terms.

FLAWLESS (Victory using 4 troops of the correct Color, and having all 4 Troops alive at the end)
WIN STREAK/UNDFEATED (Victory using anything, with any number of troops remaining)

To the OP: congratulations you deserve it. Its still quite difficult to Win 120 in a row.


@Rickygervais Well good luck trying for 4 weeks in a row.

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@Strat i don’t say im not going to lose, what i say is because i am paragon i get a crazy boost in stats and that help to keep a winning streak compared to a soldier, if i use korvash or gard avatar i just need 2 turn to finish the fight.

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I’m still reasonably zen about it. A loss will eventually happen and I never thought I’d maintain a streak like that. There’s still a luck factor in it like cascadesor a bad board start. And at the end of the day, it’s still a game, and a fun one.

With all the negativity surrounding GW I thought about posting something else. Not a blast but something I’m proud of having achieved. It’s the thing I currently enjoy the most as everything else is just grinding. A loss won’t change that.

GW made me think of using other troops. Like nymph for example. A common troop of 6 mana which nullifies bone dragon completely. I learned to counter devours with suboptimal troops because of colour restrictions.

I hoped to see some similar stories like that instead of the wording flawless/undefeated. But nevermind. I’ll just carry on :slight_smile:

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