Still undefeated! Or not?

I am also undefeated. But them again, i am in a lower bracket, our guild is like #195.
Also lost a few troops, and played a few times without full colours. Of course u just jinxed myself


impressiv, but how is that luck even possible? Every fight i lost began with a 4 combo for the AI and ended with a 10min perma-loop of those stupid justice teams. Feels bad.

Hope you will reach 500win streak :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you informed :slight_smile:

Sorry Eika :slight_smile:

You guys did manage to get a troop of me though :wink:


I’ve won every game so far too!!! Can’t remember if I’ve lost a couple of troops along the way, but I’ve played with full colours every match apart from the very first when I forgot to change from my usual pvp team. Our guild has also won the daily battles each day apart from maybe two or three since the start. Want to join us, we have spaces for more guild members in Chocoholics Unite!!! No reqs, apart from a love of chocolate of course :slight_smile:


Care to share your teams?

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i have a small request for all the ppl who kept the gw win strike

please add your bracket when you mention the wins :slight_smile:


  1. Nice job to everyone with an unbroken win streak!
  2. @Annaerith I was going to post the exact same thing.

Not quite in the top 10!! But this week we jumped 7 brackets up from 104 to 97 - GW has been lots of fun at this level with huge variation in the teams around us. And not a Famine in sight strong enough to bother us :slight_smile:


Well, that’s not my decision alone to make as we developed those teams as a guild. I can pm you a few if you want. Which colour?

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Reached the 150 mark :blush:


2 questions, What bracket are you in and are you on pc/mobile?

Bracket 1 (Stratagem), I play on mobile.

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well damn good job then, keep it up, hopefully you streak continues once the ai is changed.

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Play console…youll be lucky to go 30 - 0

Pc is a joke imo.
I am 149-1

Only loss coming from game not loading

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Seems that it’s not that difficult if you can do it …

And it ended yesterday, at 154 wins! I lost to Zookeeper’s defense (Psion, ragnagord, famine, death).

I won’t blame RNG for it (perhaps a little bit :slight_smile: ). A bad board start, a few unlucky skull drops into matches and a few small tactical mistakes/cascades) made fo a long protracted battle which left my elemaugrim and his death duking it out. I lost the one to one unfortunately.

Better news today, with a 5-0, 6300 (max) score). Hopefully the start of a new streak!


My streak also ended today, to the Beast team.
Just pure, unavoidable, skill-less luck from the AI.
I had nothing on first turn, just matched so gems on top.
Gave the AI some magic cascade that filled Kerb and FG. Kerb cast, got the 50% devour on one of my 2 not-impervious troop (so 50% of 50%), that is also my mana generator and troop regen (giant spider).
I do a gem match to try to recuperate, but just get nothing, and on the AI’s second turn, yes, second turn, he killed me because his Forest Guardian Looped himself enough time (8 IIRC) to get multiple Skull turn that his now buffed Kerberos used to decimate all my team.

It was bound to happen.

Shouldn’t the title of this thread change to “Finally defeated” now? :confused:


I’m sure some guilds are undefeated in the daily battles still…

Like The Guild of Thieves for example…