Lolcats (rank 55) is recruiting!

Our group is pretty casual but thanks to the hard work of some previous and current members, we are 55th in the league and have all of our guild guardians at level 100 or above. We’ve recently had a number of players who just got burned out and decided to stop playing as well as some who’ve moved on to top 10 level guilds. So, we have quite a few spots open right now! (18, to be exact)

Our requirements aren’t very high but you will probably need to have all of your kingdoms purchased and leveled to keep up with them.

500 seals weekly
175k in gold spent on guild tasks

No level requirement at this time.

So, send me your invite code and let’s kick this week off right!

I started this week, I am very active and want a chance ^^
And I would appreciate it very much.

My invite code is JP BEDATTY

Hey JP, just wanted to let you know that I didn’t ignore you. Our guild is in flux right now and may be disbanding so I didn’t feel right sending an invite out just to say, “Alright, well…see ya!”