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Lolcats guild recruiting - $350k weekly / 800 seals / level 200+; currently 5 vacancies

Looking for team players!


  • Level 200+. We haven’t had good luck with lower level players as we grow.
  • Contribute at least $350,000/week to tasks. Many of us contribute much more; we seem to always complete all tasks (only ~20 guilds can claim this!!) We’ve also claimed a few legendary tasks!
  • Contribute at least 800 guild seals/week by Sunday noonish. This gets us to beyond the 20K guild chest with a good shot at the 40K chest, and provides everyone enough time to make use of their keys/seals. Our main goal here is to always get to the 40K guild chest on weeks with new Mythic troops; on those weeks, the minimum is 1000 guild seals.
  • Read the Guild Chat at least once/week; ideally actively participate. Due to the buggy chat and poorly implemented profanity filter, we’ve moved our chat to a Discord server.
  • Read the announcement at least once/week in case anything changes. This is also available in Discord.
  • If you spot a Redeem Code in Global Chat (or elsewhere), repost it in Guild Chat / Discord.

Our bonuses

  • +96-100 Mana Masteries
  • +300% Daily Gold Bonus
  • +6% Tribute Chance Bonus (max)
  • +50% XP Bonus (max)
  • +6 Map Turns Bonus (max)
  • +9% Tribute Amount Bonus
  • +45% Souls Bonus
  • +1 Glory per PvP Battle

###About us

  • Only goal is task contribution and a place to chat. We’ve been tending to complete every single task lately.
  • League ladder isn’t a priority but we have been climbing it fairly quickly, currently at position 49
  • Somewhat flexible. If you won’t be able to meet the requirement for a week, let me know and we’ll work something out
  • Every Monday (whenever’s convenient), I put everyone’s Overall gold into a spreadsheet and compare it to the previous week’s Overall gold. Anyone who didn’t meet the requirement gets kicked. This method is immune to the buggy/inconsistent nature of when Weekly gold gets reset (some players get reset ASAP, some get reset later, some get reset multiple times).

Want to join?

We have 5 vacancies (I keep this post updated).
Tell me your invite code, level, and why I should invite you.

I’ll join. Just finished all my kingdoms. Invite code is RAPIDKILL

Awesome, invite sent. :slight_smile:

Plenty more spots available.

Bump. Still looking for more members.

Invite Crotalus

Done! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Plenty more spots available.

i would like to join my invite code is STABITO

Invite sent!

Still recruiting!

Hi there, i’ll join invite code is TICKET NINJA (space after the Ninja as well for some reason!)

Let me know and i’ll quit my current guild.

It acted like it sent the invite – if you didn’t get it, quit your current guild and I’ll try again.

Hi! Have quit but didn’t get invite, maybe try again?


Hi hi :slight_smile: … I re-invited.

Hi, nothing through yet?!

Hmm. Try restarting the game? No idea if there are bugs related to quitting-then-rejoining.

@Crotalus Did you not get my invite?

Plenty more spots available!

Bump. Looking for more players!

Hey here Tutmuar how big is your guild ? ^^

Currently at 13 members. Looking to max it out again. Had to kick a lot of players the first week we had requirements… last few weeks have been good though. Interested?

sure invite me and we will see :slight_smile:

Awesome, done!