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Lolcats - level 568 guild looking for new management/merger

We currently have 12 members, all statues over lvl 100.

Guild leader position available, looking for a merger or takeover if anyone is interested.

PM for more details.

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Once again, we looking for a guild to merge with, up to 18 players - all our statues are above level 100, we are currently rank 55, low seal and gold requirements for any incoming players. This is a great way to move forward with a big head start!

Alternatively, this can include, but is not limited to, changing guild leaders for anyone who is interested.

We have recently lost members to burnout, and recruitment into more hardcore guilds, we are friendly people and we are looking to find more people to enjoy this game with

please PM to discuss

As one of the guild members, I can attest to the laid-back and friendly attitude in this guild. The requirements are pretty low for a guild that is ranked as high as this one (55th in the league, last time I checked). We’ve done some recruiting but it’s difficult to get folks to join a guild that’s already hamstrung.

So, hit us up if you’re interested in a guild merge!

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Is there still an offer on the table here… ?? i would like to take over this guild if possible… I’m new to the PC, but a rank 1000 on Xbox! Don’t play it on console anymore… so i am willing to devote my time… i also have some unique ideas and experience in running a guild!

I see your guild as a boost for me, and possible I am the answer you need also!

Unfortunately, I’ve been out of contact with the remaining members (if any)
of that guild since I left. I’ve been trying to get in touch with them as
well, but no luck so far. Let me know if you do manage, please

The current guild I am in is always looking for new people however - check
out The Unholy Family recruiting posts. We’re always looking for more
active players


I noticed there is only 4/30… so probably no active players left. I will monitor their trophy count for a few days. I will let you know if i find anyone…

Thanks, but i would like a guild leader role to keep me interested in the game

there is at least one active player… trophies are going up

We do have many leaders in TUF, are you still an active player? If you prove yourself, we’re always looking for good people.

Hello Lolcats! I am an ex-member of Lolcats, having moved to Intrim after that. A couple of months ago I put a new alt char into lolcats for a day or two to say hallo, and was sad to find that at that time there were only 4 people left in lolcats. I now GM a guild (Epic Phoenix) within the Almost Epic community, which consists of many guilds with different aims and objectives, even including 2 guilds that are very fond of cats! The community even has a channel for pet photos.

I would like to suggest that Lolcats merges into the AE community, as it would benefit both sides. Epic Phoenix, “my” guild, has a few spots vacant at the moment, yet we have lots of very skilled players, and are racing up the league table. We feel we should be in the top 100 eventually, but it takes us so long to overtake everyone else, as I started the guild just over 2 months ago. We are currently in the top 750. Already. Merging with Lolcats would be great for us too, ofc

I am Bagga Txips and Bagga Trix in game, so please feel free to contact me.

Has anyone taken the job

They haven’t replied to me yet, Chife, and I really wish they would as they were very helpful to me when I was a lot lower level, I want to repay them.

Some Lolcats found their home in TUF (Unrepentant, Abaddon, Purgatory) too. We’re also looking for people. Changes to the game have made it difficult to find veteran players, with so many quiting.

Many of us in TUF are friends with the AE community. I know I’ve seen you around Bagga Trix. I already joined the new AE discord server.

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I just wanna play GW every day, and maybe make tier 1 every week, then see how the fancy takes me. After a very strong beginning with EP, as GM of Epic Phoenix I found it a struggle for EP to keep its good members, and we consistently failed to reach 40k. I dont care much about 20k vs 40k as I reckon it makes little difference, but the effort eventually wore me down.

I would love to have a go at making lolcats a going concern again though.

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