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Lvl 361, available to join any guild

I was going to try to recruit for the guild I’m in right now. But, there’s just the two of us, the other person isn’t exactly communicative, and I feel like I’m throwing away gold here.

Anyways, I’m available to join. Send me an invite!
Username: opticsnake
Lvl: 361
All cities: Lvl 10
Seals/wk: 1200+
Gold/wk: right now it’s 250k/wk, would probably be more in a better guild
Trophies/wk: 120+
I play most evenings and around lunch (if I don’t have a lunch meeting).

Would like to join any guild with 20+ active members.


Hi there,

This is our guild… Let me know if you’d be interested and i’ll send you an invite. We’re currently at 28 members.

Thanks :slight_smile:

To get to the 300k.

It probably takes 4/5 hours a week depending on if you focus on PvP. I tend to mix it up with treasure maps and exploring as well though

Sorry. I deleted the previous post. I meant, how many hours/wk would you estimate you play to meet the min standards?

Sounds good. I’ll look for your invite!

It’s saying you’re in another guild, if you leave that one then i can ping you an invite :slight_smile:

Just did. Didn’t realize I had to leave the other one first.

Haha, no problems, invite sent to you.

Thanks! Wow! You guys have one serious team! Looking forward to helping out!

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Was just about to welcome you on guild chat but it seems to have gone down… Again!

Yeah, I tried to connect too. Ah well. TTYL!