Lvl 361, available to join any guild


I was going to try to recruit for the guild I’m in right now. But, there’s just the two of us, the other person isn’t exactly communicative, and I feel like I’m throwing away gold here.

Anyways, I’m available to join. Send me an invite!
Username: opticsnake
Lvl: 361
All cities: Lvl 10
Seals/wk: 1200+
Gold/wk: right now it’s 250k/wk, would probably be more in a better guild
Trophies/wk: 120+
I play most evenings and around lunch (if I don’t have a lunch meeting).

Would like to join any guild with 20+ active members.



Hi there,

This is our guild… Let me know if you’d be interested and i’ll send you an invite. We’re currently at 28 members.

Thanks :slight_smile:


To get to the 300k.


It probably takes 4/5 hours a week depending on if you focus on PvP. I tend to mix it up with treasure maps and exploring as well though


Sorry. I deleted the previous post. I meant, how many hours/wk would you estimate you play to meet the min standards?


Sounds good. I’ll look for your invite!


It’s saying you’re in another guild, if you leave that one then i can ping you an invite :slight_smile:


Just did. Didn’t realize I had to leave the other one first.


Haha, no problems, invite sent to you.


Thanks! Wow! You guys have one serious team! Looking forward to helping out!


Was just about to welcome you on guild chat but it seems to have gone down… Again!


Yeah, I tried to connect too. Ah well. TTYL!