Lolcat looking for a home - (closed) - Joined Purgatory

So, our guild (Lolcats) is looking like its time may be up. Starting to look for my next good home.

Here’s what I bring to the table:
Level 617
All kingdoms (including Silverglade) lvl 10
9 kingdoms are 5 starred or better
Dragon Armor

Willing to do:
300k gold/week (as soon as I can, usually Monday morning if I banked enough)
1200 seals/week by Friday (more if it’s a mythic week)
Trophies - whatever comes about from getting the above two mins

Daily log in
Play PC and mobile
I buy guild keys about once a month, usually during mythic week
Will participate in guild chat and Discord (you do have a discord account, right?) when I can provide value to the conversation.

If recruited today, I’m willing to add 500 seals and 50k in gold as a per diem until Monday.
Hoping for a top 100 ranked guild. Leaving a guild that’s ranked 56 and is level 571. Sorry to see it die but, not enough participation.

Let me know if interested. At that point I’ll leave my guild and give you my invite code. Thanks!

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Im interested albeit we arent a top 100 guild but we are 4 monthes old and rank 456. If you decline no worries:-) just figured id extend an invitation. Guild name: Gems of the Ostfront

Glad you joined Purgatory. They’re a fun crew and they get first preference to join #26 Unrepentant. Welcome to the family.

None of The Above.

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Purgatory! Awesome you are gonna love it litletre is real cool! Congrats!

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