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Returning player looking for a guild [FOUND]

Hello people, I stopped playing few months ago just because I got burnt out from repeating the same old every single day (PvP I’m looking at you) but now that they plan on adding more options to gain certain resources and whatnot I decided to come back.

I’m level 305 and I can do 300 trophies and 300k-500k gold a week and of course 1 500 seals.

My invite code is CLINC

If you wait until Sunday you should be able to get some nice offers by then, since most guilds clear out under-performed members on the weekend. Good luck!

@Clinc I’m wanting you to Join me the first spot I have open. That might be next week. Watching two noob members I added this week. I’m going to contact you Friday about any openings.
I hope you will join me. When I have a Spot open for you. :grinning:
I have sent you a Private message I need you to read. Please let me know. Hope you will message me back.

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