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Load close load close 3.4 Ps4 shop not found

The endless load screen. Since 3.4 it seems you have to bump start the game into life!!!
Can’t even count how many times i have to close app and try again!!
Then i have the shop not found issue

Really enjoy the game but seems very broken atm.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon as it’s soul destroying trying to get on atm

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I have not noticed other PS4 users reporting this issue (though I may have missed something). Is it possible that your download was corrupted somehow? What happens if you delete and reinstall the game?

Thanks for the reply. Have yet to try reinstall.
Away from home at the moment, but will try when i get back and post result.

Was working fine before update.
Since error came up I have not dared purchase anything.
Random but showing i have 42 million gold (wish that was true lol)

Don’t forget to save your account-linking password. Sucks to get locked out of your account till Support can help (this from experience), especially right now, when Support is overwhelmed with tickets and unable to quickly clear the queue.

same problem after 3.4,reinstall game not solve shop
guild shop not working
offers not working
i dont have 42 million coins

sorry, I was some busy. I have that’s problem too. Game download from European (Russian) PS Store. This bug since 1st May. Although Shop in US PSN version works fine. And now cannot see gamer’s PS profile. Gems%20of%20War_20180504002826Gems%20of%20War_20180503235702Gems%20of%20War_20180505003221

It seems like it’s not just one person, then. Weird. I’m not a dev, but hopefully one of them will see this and help you all out.

Sounds really bad, but glad it’s not just me that has it :confused:

Hopefully they can sort it for us all soon

Still the problem persists.
Vip level 5 and looks like that will be it.
If anyone has an idea how to solve this i would appreciate it.
Re install does nothing at this point.

same problem.
only worked for a day few days back.
ps4 pro EU (turkey)
looks like they dont want my money :slight_smile: