Game Hangs for Ages, Multiple Error Codes

I’ve been getting delayed by all kinds of nonsense lately just when things are loading (any things, starting the game or collecting tribute or between fights etc). Maybe a couple weeks straight now, I feel like it was since the last update (after 4.6).

Guild mates haven’t been having these issues, so I’m worried I need to do a full reinstall or something drastic.


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Hi, I had the same issue. It was related to the facebook integration on ps4 on a secondary account.

While I usually get the same message I also get a LOT of loooooong loading times, followed by an error message and then nearly instant loading (on mobile).

This is just on the Steam version for me. And its getting extremely irritating to the point that I don’t want to actually play the game. I mean, I have delays longer than the battles preceding the delays.

That’s going to happen from time to time. In other words. You’ll have that. :wink:

I’ve been having this issue too. Also Steam version. For me it has only been on startup of game though, no other instances. Sometimes takes restarting the game multiple times before it wants to connect properly.

Hello? Support, devs? What should we do here?

Kafka’s default “try this” list includes fully restarting your device and reinstalling the game. Have you tried these and found that the problem persists?

Yep! Restarting the device and reinstalling are the first go tos. This is because sometimes parts of the data can be out of sync, and a fresh install will solve the issue.

If you’ve done this and are still experiencing long loading times and these error codes, it might be something else. If so, please contact our support here so we can help you further. You know the drill. :slight_smile:

Also, when reporting problems of this nature it helps us greatly if you include the device and OS you are using.

Reinstalling didn’t fix it. Problem is evidently not on my end.

Oh, this one’s new. Outstanding.

And this one too.

Sent in a support ticket. Like it’d matter if I did it two days ago seeing as nothing happens until Monday* around here. I don’t really see the difference since everything I said in there is also already here, but whatever. Of course it’d be a real shame if I couldn’t finish the weekend faction event because of this nonsense.

*: at the earliest.

Oh and its gotten more frequent today. I can’t do anything with this. I also had one loading “session” (because now it takes long enough to be called a “session”, thanks!!) give me two different stalls and error codes, that’s also new. :roll_eyes:

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Thank you for documenting here in forums what players can expect in terms of feedback/assistance during weekends or outside of working hours. :pray:

Hopefully newer players will adjust their expectations accordingly :sweat_smile::vulcan_salute:

If your client isn’t connecting to their server, would there be logs generated on their end of the failed attempts? I wonder what information they could check to attempt to see if this is widespread, or a failing cable on your computer (or a bit-flipped setting in Windows, or something equally isolated).