List guild seals in Hero Inventory

Not a huge deal, I suppose, but it is a little bit odd that guild seals are the one collectible resource that doesn’t show up in the hero inventory.


Flavor reasoning:

They belong to your guild! How else does everyone get to use the same level of unlocked guild chest? If you had them on you, someone who wanted to use a guild key would have to sit around the lair waiting for all 29 other people to show up.


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I would be curious as to what other people think of this idea.

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I would hate to see Dev spend time to code something like this when there are so many more important things to spend time on.

It would be a nice addition I think. But a filter would be more appreciated like being able to view only arcanes or orbs or ingots rather than having to scroll for ages.

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I am mixed on this, I have opened my inventory more then once looking for my seal count. There is a lot of things in the inventory though. I think if you guys add more to it, some kind of filter like Fleg says would be appreciated.

This is something that would not take a ton of time to implement. Neither would adding a tribute button to the screen so that players could collect tribute without needing to click on their home kingdom.

There are some considerations for splitting up or organising the Inventory a little better already :+1: I guess the concern is more… why have them in the Inventory if they are (as Slypenslyde put) already viewable and a primary part of Guild?

@Clark Not every dev is a bug fixer or a code maker, there are people who can set aside time to make minor improvements to quality of life, or there are moments when a coder can’t work on “bigger things” whilst waiting for something else. The developers all do different things. :slight_smile:


Gold, souls, glory and gems can be viewed on the kingdom map already. Diamonds and jewels can be viewed in the soulforge yet all appear in the inventory.
To be honest I’m not really bothered but just seems weird seals being the ONLY resource not appearing in inventory.

Got it! Thanks everyone. I’ll make sure this suggestion is noted. :slight_smile:

I can live with seals not being in inventory, but personally it makes sense to have a single master menu for ALL resources/currencies to be found at a glance rather than having to maneuver through multiple menus to find each one.

It’s great to have certain resources show up in other menus where they are significantly relevant to other things there (i.e. any menus where you would use or buy those resources). But there really isn’t a reason not to have everything in the master inventory list.

I would expect this would be useful for newer players who haven’t fully learned the ins & outs of every menu in the game too.