Guild seal math not adding up

According to the game, I’ve collected 27,534 guild seals since they were introduced. Also according to the game, I currently have 17,129 guild seals on hand, which I will spend the minute my guild reaches 20,000 seals in a week (if that ever happens again).

Eagle-eyed readers will note that the game thinks I have spent 10,405 guild seals. Which is not a multiple of 20, i.e. doesn’t equate to a whole number of guild chests. How can I have spent a non-integer multiple of 20 guild seals?

Does anyone else have this happening to them? Did we receive guild seals in a rewards pack from the developers at some point in the past?

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Puzzled. Don’t recall any non-20-multiple spends. @Shimrra any ideas?

Happened with me as well actually. I’ve got a 4 tacked on to my multiple of 20…

Well, at least I’m not alone in this strangeness.

Well, on consoles we had a double reset a while back.

My Seals end in a 7 for some reason. On X1.

Number of seals held (which could be any number?) or number of seals spent (which should be a multiple of 20)?

And yes my seals spent is 41749… very odd.

@sirrian @nimhain any ideas? Sign of a possible bug?

Taxes, they are everywhere. Sneaky devs!


As a blind guess, what if uncollected seals (at the end of the week) don’t count toward your permanent total? Have you or @Shimrra ever had seals handed out to you in this way, or do you always hit 1500 well before the end of the event week?

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I normally hit 1500, but can’t promise I have done so every week. Seems bit of a stab in dark though.

Though that wouldn’t affect the number of seals spent.

Speaking of which, how are people figuring out how many seals spent? Is it just total seals for the guild minus current seals?

That’s exactly how I was doing the calculation. So anything that modified the total seals would affect the seals spent number.

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If anyone reading this hasn’t already collected all 1500 seals, my hypothesis is very easy to test. Just leave your uncollected seals alone until the event reset, and see if your total number increases after you collect them in the mail.

Even easier would be peeking at the code, but nobody here right now can do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can confirm that unclaimed seals you get in the mail after reset don’t count towards your total in Guild->Roster tab (which is logical IMO). I acquire full 1.5k since they were introduced, but once had 2 unclaimed on reset and my total seals not counting this week is 38998.


I don’t remember the last time I didn’t hit the 1500 in advance, but I know it used to happen sometimes. Couldn’t say.