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Why no guild seals for the guild raid?

seems kind of strange not to have any guild seals (other than basic battle) granted for doing the raid.
aren’t guild seals supposed to be for guild activities?



I agree the last seal also say win combat (any type)

So the raid boss should count toward the seals

Wait, do we not even get the “5 seals for any battle” when doing raid battles? I thought we got that but wanted a bonus like we get for doing a W4 explore or ranked PVP…

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No it doesn’t count, well at least on xbox not sure if it’s a bug or intended

Edit: @Stan nevermind it look like it been fixed i asked a guildmate to test it he told me he got his 5 seal

I swear it wasn’t working this monday i checked right after i did raid boss fight

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I wasn’t watching my seals that closely on Monday and now I’m maxed out, but I think I would have noticed if my total battles and PVP were the same since all I did that day was raid and PVP. Probably forgot my dungeons, now that I think about it…

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it just seems there should be a seal category for participating in the guild raid.
10 seals for each boss defeat would work for me



All of this was discussed over here but with a negative thread title.

So let’s put it all in one spot for the devs please, thNks.

I recieved seals for my raid fights, ps4, just 5 per fight tho.