Level 88 and now I am up against L400+?

Today in PVP I am up against far too good teams for my level. I am just level 88, and I meet L400+ teams.
Have problems to understand why I even get matches against such teams, and of course wont have a chance even on normal difficulty.

All’s fair in Gems and War~~
You could have just skipped the battle.

I am fully aware of that I can skip, but why in the world do I mostly only have to play against teams that is 5-6 times more levels than me. I can skip a thousand times, thats sure, but something clearly changed today in the update.

It’s just the way the game chooses the opponents. I am just over lvl 200 and have faced numerous teams from players that were in the 900’s and even famous Mr. Sammy who is a level 1000. Some of these battles I have one even though there is the big spread in levels.

Give it a try. You might surprise yourself when you clean the board with their remains. lol.

I’m 381 but I just noticed that I’m being matched with much lower players today (lvl 100 -200) … I am skipping but only get lower players at the moment. I’ll keep playing to see if it’s any change.

Probably my prioritization went totally wrong here. I am L88 and have no level 10 kingdoms. My main focus was to get as many gold chest as possible to start ascending the troops, mostly up to epic. And some gold to the guild I am in of course. Wish I could change back time and focusing on boosting my kingdoms up to L10.

The level of the hero is not nearly as important as the troops used. Lots of high level players have low level defense teams in order to fight revenge battles. At least try it. If you get into trouble, that’s what the retreat button is for.

Never to late to change your plan in the game. And doing pvp’s is the best way to farm gold which you need to raise your kingdoms. I only have 8 at level ten and doing pvp’s I contribute what I want to my guild and then the rest of the week is for levelling kingdoms.

Won’t give up, yet. :smiley:

First day of the week (when the event rolls over) always screws with these things. 12-24 hours from now will be back to ‘normal’.

Really? Are you sure? But even after I finished the event I experienced it.

Think its back to normal now, if so…