Level 75 active player looking for a guild

I’m a new player that start playing two weeks ago, I’m level 75. I can donate 50k/100k + 1500 seal + 200+ trophy. I’d like to join a guild that reach level of task 8+.

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our guild can finish 3 task.minimum:300trophy,1500seal,300k gold.

Sorry but I can’t reach 300k at weeks like now.:sweat: I have to upgrade reign too :sweat_smile:

do you have dragon armor?how many gems you have if you dont have dragon armor?

I don’t have it but I have 400 gems

and are you daily player?

Yep of course :smirk: This week I make 200k without dragon armor and 250 trophy,

can you donate 200k if you have dragon armor,you can donate more gold when done all city,right?then we welcome you join us.monday can give you 400gems,so you can get dragon armor

Ok of course when I finish all the reigns I can donate all the golds. If I take dragon armor I can finish really fast all the reigns! If u want my invitation code is: UDDEX

ok,please check mail after 2mins,is marshal guild

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invite already send.we can chat on guild chat?

Ty for the invitation! Do u have discord or something like it?

we chat on qq,qq is chinese app.and i had line app in my cell

Do I have to download this qq or line?

ok,i found it.you try:www.imqq.com.you add me if you done.my qq:469421940

maybe you can serch “qq”,use google,click qq intenational.also you can use guild chat in game