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Looking for active guild rank 40 and above

My invite code is LEGOLAS_11 im lvl 150 all kingdoms lvl 10 can contribute 50000 to 70000 gold per day and around 600 trophies per week if you intrested to add me to your guild let me know by adding me on steam under the name Metal thx

Join us at Intrim friend,

We are not top 50 yet but we are on our way. We are all active. I just took over the guild master role and in 38 days we went from rank 380 to 90. We went from 7 members to a full roster with members always in the top 100 PVP rankings each week. We only donate to gems and keys, we donated 13 million last week so that shows that we are better than most top 50 guilds. With you we will be even stronger. Will you accept my offer and join us my friend? You will not be disappointed!

sure i will left my guild invite if there is till spot

Of course welcome to the guild my friend

hello thx a lot for the invite but i just saw a reply from aes sedai rank 15 that i had ask them yestrday il wait a bit for them if they still have a slot for me if they dont thow i will join you if you still have a slot avaliable

We are a strong up and coming guild, we are all active right now and have more production then a lot of the top 20 guilds. We have a goal Abe are determined to reach it. We are the guild for you if your interested, we only have 3 spots available right now, invite was sent

yes i keep the invite thx alot