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No longer LFG. Thanks everyone!

Hello all,

I’m a new-ish player that has outgrown my current Guild. (lvl 78 - rank 2476)
I’m on daily. I participate in all Guild battles. Wearing Celestial Armor.
I’m still working on getting all my Kingdoms to max. So I can’t donate for a while.

Not sure what else to say, so I’ll post my stats

Hi there!

Couple of questions, First, how many kingdoms do you have at level 10 so far. And are those stats for a weeks worth of playing, or what you have done so far this week?

I have 9 Kingdoms @ lvl 10 and 14 @ lvl 6
The rest are level 5
I guess the stats in the photo are just from this week, thus far

I have a guild for people that do not have kingdoms done yet. They generally get 25k-30k seals a week and finish 6 or 7 tasks on all statues. You would be welcome to join that and once your kingdoms are done we can move you to our more active guild. really low requirements right now, just get 500 seals at the minimum

I may have a spot in our lower tier guild where members learn and advance to our other 2 higher guilds.

The request is 850 seals with guild wars and they complete 2 tasks and 35k to 40k seals each week.

Sadly i can only tell you if we will have a spot or not towards the weekend.

Regardless if you are upgrading your kingdoms please get the Dragon Armor instead of the Celestial you wear right now.
Excelerated gold gain is far more important while you upgrade your kingdoms :blush: