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Level 429 hero with 76 life

In poking around PVP last night, I came across the hero described above. Didn’t take a screenshot so I won’t name names.

Said hero was getting +4 life from team bonuses (4 Whitehelm troops and 3 divines), which leaves 72 life unaccounted for.

My question is how this is possible. There is a 19-point difference between my hero and one at a lower level, so I want to figure out what I could be doing to improve my own stats. I am level 470 with 19 5-star kingdoms (missing 2 life and 4 armor), and my level 20 archer has 53 life.

The difference between priest (which this hero was) and archer is 4 life, and the +8 life from guild bonuses brings the difference down to 7. 5 if we assume that this player has all relevant kingdoms five-starred.

So how can I increase my hero’s life total, beyond kingdom stars, class level, and guild bonuses? There’s 5 life I can’t account for, which suggests I am not doing something I could be doing to make the game easier on myself.

There is currently a major glitch with heros that won’t be fixed until the next patch. All hero stats are inflated higher than they should be.

That may be true (I don’t know what, exactly, the glitch is), but it’s not hitting all heroes equally.

They may have chosen the +8 life perk that priest surely has?

Guild Bonus is +8 life assuming both tasks are completed.

Then they couldn’t have been getting the bonus for 4 unique divine troops.

Edit: ah, their team had the 3-divine bonus, not 4. So they may have taken the +life perk rather than the type perk. I don’t recall what else was on the team, but Whitehelm has no shortage of divine troops to fill out a team with. I guess that solves the mystery.

“I guess that solves the mystery” Scooby Doo and the gang would be proud.

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Guild bonus (2 sets of task completed) =8, Hero’s perk = 8, plus 3 unique bonus that would round up to additional 19 life.