Priest (not) counting as divine

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
My priest does not seem to trigger the divine troop bonus after 50 victories.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
So I unlocked priest and got 50 victories. I then tried to use my hero in an all divine troop composition, but it does not seem to give me the bonus for using 4 divine troops, is says i have 3 divine troops. Replacing the hero we a priestess triggers the bonus fine. I am getting the Whitehelm bonus for the hero so that works.

Anyone else been able to get the type bonus to work?

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
I havnt taken any screenshots yet, I can do that later if needed.

That’s one of the 3 perks for the priest class, but only one can be active at a time. So have you also selected that perk (yellow border around it) ?

Ahh thanks, never noticed that you had to select one, they seem sufficiently weak that I just assumed you would get all 3, as they got unlocked.

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Thats what i thought originally as well… magic +2 more important than being undead…

Why would you choose anything else over +2 magic is beyond me. I guess In arena’s if your character is a tank +8 life is good too but generally you just go +2 magic.

Think developers over estimated the value of troop bonus. They take 50 wins to unlock but considering that you can get +2 magic or +8 life you would go for either of those.

Perks dont work in the arena. So no +8 life for a tank hero. Only the +5 magic if using speficic color weapon works and hopefully gets a fix soon, cause it isnt intended to work.

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Looking at giants
3x giant = +1 atk, +2 life
4x giant = +2 atk, +4 life

So by making your hero a giant you are adding 1 more attack AND 2 more life to each troop in exchange for 2 magic, 4 attack, OR 8 life on just hero. It’s a tradeoff, either make all troops stronger or concentrate on just hero.

The team might actually benefit more from getting a full tribe bonus than from the hero getting +2 magic. It’s different for each tribe, for some the boost from going from 3 members to 4 members is quite significant.

The problem with taking every type choice is that it makes hero weaker. Not just weaker from not having the focused perk, but also weaker from counters that do bonus damage, 2x, 3x, etc. to that type. +2 magic or +8 HP should just about always be the priority. There is currently no class that has +4 attack and +8 armor, so one of the previous two is currently always an option.

Actually the text reads that it counts as a specific type for troop bonuses. Have you confirmed that it is actually count as a troop for damage of a specific type?

I totally agree its a trade off. Because I run a paladin in my divine composition troop, I do think 2 armor 2 life for all troops is the right choice for this case. In many other cases I do see 2 magic being stronger, but it is still a trade off.

Do the hero traits still work in arena btw? Like Necromancer receiving 1 sould after each 4-5 gem match.

I think the trade-off is too steep because you normally cant make a high synergy out of the same troop type. I’d rather take 8 life or 2 magic for my hero and then have other 3 troops have higher synergy than a 4 same type troops would get you.

I disagree. My def team consists of 4 giants from broke spire, that’s +10 life and +4 attack, as far as I remember. One of them is the hero with the giant perk. The team wouldnt be as good if I chose a different perk. And the team has about 10 to 1 wins in defense and won every offense except for the one vs @Jainus’ super annoying mana drain team. :wink:

So the giant perk actually is super useful.

I take that as a compliment :smiley:

My team does seem to have a 90% win rate on defence… I need to change it, not getting enough Revenge battles, and there are rewards there again now…

@Jainus Is this a top secret mana drain team (which I can completely understand) or are you willing to share? I ask because I play around with mana drain combos a lot.

Which brings me to my major criticism of hero classes and their perks.
I want a 4 Stormheim Giants team with my hero in it, but you can’t alter the kingdom the hero is counted to, watering down the perks usefulness in that regard. I wish they would do something about this…Jarl isn’t too fond of the giants from broken spire, he sais they are dirty uncivilized brutes that show no appreciation for fire…

I hear you. Imho the kingdom should be interchangeable, not the troop type though. This would allow the Warlord to be a giant from either Broken Spire or Stormheim. But then again, look at what they did to that other class, being an elf, in a kingdom with like 1 other elf or so … hooray. So I guess the Warlord isnt that broken right now.

EDIT: You completed a quest in Broken Spire to become a Warlord though, so simply changing kingdoms would be somewhat odd

Oh yeah sure i assumed other troop type perks would have similar or bigger problems, so a general fix for that would be even more appreciated by theme team players throughout the community.

As for warlord class quest being based in Broken Spire, that is an arbitrary decision by the Devs in the first place, not saying it isn’t right in Broken Spire but it might as well have been in Stormheim.
A solution could be to make the warlord class quests two folded, one part in broken spire the second in Stormheim, but they are probably already planning class hero stuff for other kingdoms so i guess that would complicate that.

Anyways i guess what i am trying to say is, there should be some more freedom to a type of perk(generally speaking for the 3rd hero perks, not just the giant one) that is already deemed inferior by many to the other two of a class, to at least make it flexible enough to fit in multiple themed teams.

It’s my defence team, not one that I’ve used to invade with… You’ll have to invade me to see it :slight_smile: or ask one of my victims :slight_smile:


Ah ha! You are just trying to get me to try an invasion so that I can become another victim. I almost fell for it. I shall endeavor to contact someone in my network of spies. A pity since espionage can be such a messy and complicated business…