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Hero stats 5 star kingdom

I understand that when I complete a kingdom to 5 stars then my hero stats should go up. I just completed Whitehelm and already had Zaejin but I am pretty sure nothing changed on the hero roster stats. How can I check what my life/attk/arm should be?

A five-star kingdom doubles that kingdom’s bonus, meaning it will go from +1 to +2 for the designated skill. It will affect all troops, whether or not your hero is in the lineup. You won’t see any change on the hero stat page.

But my fellow guildie’s stats have changed on the guild troop roster.

You can go to any troop’s “skills” tab and wait to see how much of each stats they got from Kingdoms.
Sum the 4 bonus and see if the total is 24 or 22.

If it’s 24, everythingis okay as you have 22 Kingdoms lvl 10 and 2 power level 5.
If it’s 22, I guess the power leel 5 aren’t accounted for.

As simple as that.

Ok thanks - I will go and have a look !
I forgot all about the skills tab in hero crafting section :slight_smile:️

Actually I don’t think you can for a hero… the only screen I can find is the class one, which doesn’t have a full split of the hero’s stats… only the bonus from the class, not the scrolling text…

EDIT: but you can obviously do the check on the crafting page of any troop card! Oops…

Yup, that was my point !
But the hero also has a skill tab, but you gotta enter the class menu first :wink:

Yes, but that was my point, for the hero, that skills tab has no scrolling text to show the split of the points, it only shows the skill bonus from the class…

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Oh, right, didn’t pay attention ^^'
Then I guess going to any troop but the hero is the only solution :stuck_out_tongue: