Five star skill bonus not contributing to team scores

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Having recently heavily documented my run to five starring Silverglade, after finally completing it, I noticed my team scores remained unchanged. Earlier this same day, I also five starred Blackhawk, and I am fairly certain my team scores did not change after that, either.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Unlock double skill bonus for Silverglade (five kingdom stars) and possibly other kingdoms.

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I’ve tried completing PvP battles and restarting the game, but my team scores remain the same. I do not believe I have leveled since completing the stars, but levels are very few and far between at this point, so it could be quite a while before I level next time.

Edit: I feel I should clarify that I am getting the actual kingdom skill bonus for five starring the kingdom, but none of my teams scores changed and my minimum PvP gold remains the same.

Confirmed this with my low level account. Five starring Zhul’Kari to unlock double skill bonus for another +1 magic (the kingdom was already at level 10) added zero points to any of my team scores. Universally, every other global skill point bonus (max guild tasks and level 10 kingdoms) add 40 points to a full team per skill point.

Bumping for visibility and hopefully at least some word on whether or not this is intentional. It doesn’t seem like it would be. The skill bonus gap between those with 27 kingdoms at level 10 and no kingdoms at level 10 is the same as the difference between those with 27 five star kingdoms and those with no five star kingdoms, but leveled versus not leveled accounts for a 1080 score point gap, and five star versus not five star accounts for zero score points. This could explain at least some of the problems people have been reporting with being consistently matched with teams way out of their league.

I’ve noticed this for some time. That’s one reason why team strength score process needs to be reassessed.