Hero parameters display?

Maybe I am missing something obvious, but I didn’t found any place with my hero parameters, similar to mana mastery. I can check current stats at the “hero” screen in “troops”, of course, but they are modified already, so it’s not very appropriate for calculations, especially if I want to change class (and it’s free only once per day, so I cannot simply change and test the results). If such screen is non-exist - can I ask to add it, please?

you can go to Hero > Class > Skills to see the stat bonus of any class you unlocked (without changing to use that class)

but yeah i know thats just one modifier
the kingdoms, and guild bonuses arent there
(if you play on pc/mobile you can link your account to ashtender database and that will display for you your kingdom bonuses)

i agree, i too would like to see somewhere the base stats of my hero