Level 421 Player looking for Top 10 home

Currently I am head of Freaky-Nation Rank 61, but I want to jump up and would rather just donate than control all of the aspects. Is it possible to downgrade myself so someone else can be guild leader? Also if I am going to disband my guild I would like to join a Top 10 guild. I play daily have all my Kingdom’s maxed plus all my troops (except Hydra haven’t pulled him yet). I have the best armors and play at the 2nd highest difficulty. Any Top Ten interested?

@Serale do we have space in Match Masters?

Yeah we do. Our requirements are 40k + 30k of gems on gold and 50 thropies weekly. And of course we need you to be active… Are you interested?

Otherwise I think we have a spot in the Black Pearl. Though new members start in the crow’s nest.

And yes, not only do we have an opening, but we are also the #1 guild on the list currently, can’t get any better than that! lol.

In case you are wondering, that is the same guild that Jainus and Serale mentioned here.

Yes I’m interested. A little confused on 40k + 30k of gems though?

My invite code is piercings76

The gems you get from the guild, you will use to buy gold hoards (30k gold) and spend that gold back on guild tasks.

Exactly what Mel-chan replied… c: Please send a request here: MM FACEBOOK GROUP

I’ve send you the guild invite already.

Request to Facebook sent, invite accepted and first 40k donated. Thanks for the invitation!

Pffft. What would your guild do without me :smile_cat:

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I know right, you are the light that guide us!

Too bad we didn’t have a spot, but MM is good too…

Yeah, they are ok, aren’t they?

Yea, but at least we got MR. Sammy!


Last time I looked we were c. 20k trophies ahead at the top. Pretty Ok I’d say :slight_smile:

But now Sammy-San is back that may erode - but I have a cunning plan to beat even his multi-devicing - I now have it on 4 iPads at once and play one with each hand and foot… Ever tried swiping gems with your toes?

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Not yet, but I am considering it.


Thanks for giving your guild idea warning that you were about to disband the guild. It’s pretty crummy just abandoning everyone after 10+ people donated more than a million gold. A little head’s up would have been courteous.

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Yeah, you could have given the guild leader rank to someone else instead of disbanding lol.

Perhabs the devs could restore the guild and give the leadership to you. Ask for it on support. Devs-chan /@Sirrian -sama can help you probably.

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