Lets talk about delve rewards and maybe figure out something better

about years later nothing changed. the rewards for high level delve fighting are just ridiculous.

Just played a Level 500 delve, the treasure chest raised up to level 8 after boss fight.

The rewards were 116 glory and 80 shards. nothing more.

So the high level delves are not even worth any time. even in a low level chest at level 8 i suppose to get better rewards. even if it is only a higher amount of gold.


They haven’t updated the rewards for pretty much any game mode. With the exception of the Arena re-work introducing it having access to the Daily Deals stuff, game modes still have the exact same reward tables as they did when they were introduced.

I’m back to 100% renown in all factions as of this morning. If I do delves on the side, either it’s a Tuesday Faction Assault that I’m doing with the free sigils for the rewards (Vault Key + 1/2 Chaos Orbs depending on RNG luck) or it’s a “farming delve” I’m doing quickly (at Level 50) looking for Angel/Merchant and/or class XP. I’m certainly not doing them for the other rewards; there are other ways to farm Gold and I have more of any other resource I can get through delving than I can see needing for a very long time.

I wouldn’t even do Deep Delves at this point even if the developers introduced a way to do them at Level 100 because it wouldn’t be worth it. I’m certainly not going to do them at Level 500 because that’s more effort for middling rewards.

They also significantly redid dungeons, and almost every mode’s rewards changed a little with the addition of the new orbs.
The Deep Delve is a bust because the reward for the special treasure room just isn’t good enough to spend an extra delve token + 10000 gold. They would have to add a possibility of getting a hoard mimic from defeating that hoard mimic, and a base hoard bonus. Otherwise the deep delve is too disappointing too much of the time.