Awards for events

I propose to review the reward system for the events of the faction and them, because no one raises the level and constantly farming the first level of complexity, there is no increase in the level.

If I had to guess, I would bet a lot of people raise the Delve level as they play the event. I know I do. Delve farm is super boring, so there’s no way I’d just do Level 20 over and over.

Your topic doesn’t have a direction. You say to review it, but you give no suggestions or indicators of what is wrong with the award. Are you saying the award is too much, or too little, or should be removed, or what?

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I disagree this is a problem. I think it’s the design.

Right now, I only have one faction at a lower level. This is my daily farmer. I want ingots. Sue me.

The other factions are all between 60 and 100. That lets me get full rewards in faction events without worry. More ingots.

I feel like the problem is Gems players are used to the solution to every problem being “smash gems and win game to get prize”. Now that we are faced with “sometimes if you smash gems too much you get less prize” it’s different and scary. That doesn’t mean it needs to be changed. That means you need to learn a new way to play.

It is fine, staying low level helps if you plan on spending a lot of gems, otherwise it is better to beat all the rooms for higher level chest.

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