Delve limit increase

with how many delve factions there are and more to come the three delve limit seems a bit archaic so I was thinking maybe increase the delve limit since removing the limit would result in a drastic nerf to delve rewards so I was thinking maybe increasing the delve limit to the number of factions available


I’m not against something like this!

  • Rewards are obviously a concern.

I do think Faction-only runs should use fewer Sigils, be unlimited or separate/additional, since these are the hardest part and often rely on luck. As such, trying with a Faction team at the higher levels can take weeks.

  • I really think people would mind banging their heads against pure Faction runs a lot less if they weren’t capped to 3 tries a day.

With regards to non-Faction runs, a number of Sigils proportional to available/unlocked Factions (e.g. Factions/2), but still capped at 3 Sigils per individual Faction, could work (but also might not :stuck_out_tongue:).

  • The main problem I can see from an implementation perspective is trying to stop all of these Sigils being used in farming Factions.

  • Perhaps another solution could be to make successful Delve runs that increase the level of a Delve give back the Sigil used in the Delve Chest, or only use half as many Sigils.

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I am fine with the 3 turns a day, but I’d love for them to carry over to another day. If I want to take 21 attempts at a pure faction 500. It will take me a week. Whether I do it all in one day at the end of the week, or 3 tries per day doesn’t matter. Increase the limit on the amount of delve turns you can keep at a time.


I’m happy with how it is now if they put the gold back in the final room that they Nerfed hard.

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Although I would like more delve attempts per day, I don’t see them doing that unless they also nerf the chest reward table. That’s exactly what happened when people asked for more frequent gnome spawning. The request backfired.

So, be careful what you wish for.


Maybe a 2.5x multiplier for + 20 delve level in addition to the 2.0x multiplier for + 10 delve level.

Same amount of daily delves with a slight boost in loot, but you’d make it to level 500 twice as fast.

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If so many people did pure faction team with only 3 seals for day, I dont understand because you need more seals. This isnt correct for the other players.

Agree 100%! There are many days I just don’t have time to delve during the week between RL and work responsibilities. It would be very helpful if the daily 3 delve tries accumulated during the week up to a 21 delve try maximum. I would expect them to drop back down to 3 at the weekly reset. Rinse, lather, repeat.


I’ve started the 1st room on delves on Monday /Tuesday, then returned to finish them later in the week after doing events. There are enough factions that I don’t have to worry about which ones to farm and which to get to 500.

What if there was another kind of sigil that could only be spent if you used a pure faction team? And u receive 1 or 2 everyday (per faction unlocked); maybe 3 everyday (global).

I really don’t trust any further delve meddling following 4.7. Rewards have already had the ninja touch and infinite sigils will exacerbate that significantly. 3 a day is plenty; especially considering you’ve got a 1 day weekly event and a monthly weekender. I would prefer less delve not more. Faction events are far, far too time consuming as it is. Asking for more delve time will only encourage delve difficulty to become even worse.

The delve limit is the main reason why I don’t play as much GOW as I used to. It’s too long to reach max renown with only 3 attempts. Results, I find the game useless to play anymore as I can’t really see myself advancing in delves. So i’m 100% for it, even if that means lesser rewards.

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I have a lot of spare time in GOW during Wednesday and Thursday, so why not let us choose a faction on either of those days with shop tiers as on tuesday, but starting from the level where we are at. I started underworld so late, that it will take eternity for me to finish. I did my first pure faction last weekend and would love to have the potions available for the older factions too. I don’t have a chance to run the tuesday faction from lvl 20 to 500 in a day…

Oooh! Yes please! :smiley:

Even a small change, to 5 daily would make a difference.

Or this, I love this idea :slight_smile: Limits the number of daily delves to the same amount, but makes them easier to get to.

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The solution is very simple:

At Hoard Levels 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, & 1000 you get +1 sigil for that kingdom only.
(Yeah, I know this is overkill, but, you can see where I’m going with it)

Some of us will get 1 extra run for a faction. Maybe even 2 extra. Personally, I don’t have any to 200 yet.

•The cost keeps the return in check.
•It’s not outrageous to get 1 faction to hoard 200, so most can have 1 extra run.
•The return on investment would be worth it.
•It allows for player customization, which is always great.
•You don’t need to overcharge for it, the system is already built in.


Never heard that idea before, but I like it a lot!

Dont really like it - hoard is already a immense sink for gold, which is lost for guild tasks. 200 would be ok, but no more motivation to raise it any further please.


Yeah Yeah.
As I said, I was going overboard. :joy:

But, the seed for the idea was planted. That’s what’s important.

The entire mode seems odd to me. You have this design and concept, but, limit it to 3 a day. They’re so afraid of giving players rewards (which they overcharge INSANELY on), they neuter the mode completely.

Oh well, it just reconfirms what the incredibly interesting psychological studies done on free to play games conclude.

The 3 a day delve limit was all good back when the Underworld was first introduced and you only had 3 factions. But now that we have almost as many factions as we do Kingdoms, the 3 a day limit is outdated.

Unfortunately, I doubt that we will ever get a revision or update to the delve limit as the reason we have a limit in the first place is prevent farming of delve rewards and to get you to spend gems/money on the daily deals or shop to get more shards/treasures. And anything that cuts into making the developers money will not happen.

I am fine with the 3 day delve limit if they would revise the delve and rewards themselves.

Basically the RNG of the rewards is ridiculous, as you kept the same chance at the exact same reward whether you complete a level 50 delve or a level 500 delve. Nothing like having a level 10 chest reward on a 500 delve and it only give you 20,000 gold. I could have gotten that same reward on a 50 delve. And i’m not doing the delves for gold, i’m doing them for the stupid chaos shards to get the faction troops. So when I complete a delve and get no shards as a reward it feels like a waste of time for me.

The rewards should be streamlined. Give gold, souls, glory, and shards with each chest reward and get ride of the awful RNG. Then depending on the chest level and the delve level a multiplier for the reward is added.

Have a base reward of a Level 1 chest regardless of delve level be something like 5000 gold, 50 souls, 10 glory and 10 shards. Then for every 2 chest levels add a 0.5 multiplier, so at a level 10 chest the reward would be 12500 gold, 125 souls, 25 glory, and 25 shards.

Then depending on the delve level add another multiplier, so that the higher the delve the base chest reward (level 1) increases. Do it at every 50 delves, with the same 0.5 multiplier for a max of 5.

So a base chest reward at delve level 500 is 25,000 gold, 500 souls, 50 glory, and 50 shards. Then depending on your chest level it can increase up to 2.5 times.

And instead of increasing the delve limit, how about making it so you don’t lose a sigil if you fail a delve?

If you fail a delve run you are given a option to Retry or Runaway. If you retry it resets the delve and you get no reward for whatever chest level you had and if you runaway you lose the sigil and get the chest reward. This way you can’t just farm the delve for rewards and keep failing at the boss room.


I really like these ideas. Kind of sounds like arena in the sense of reroll and fixed rewards that get better based on wins.

The only caveat is how this would affect faction events. If the reward gets better with difficulty (which it should in all game modes), then people who push/rush to 500 will get an absurd amount of rewards. Unless this only affects daily sigils. In which case it could be difficult to implement.

Even so, it would be nice to see something like this implemented, even though the reroll is a hard sell.