More then 3 delve per day

As the list of delve’s grow we need more then 3 daily attempts. The way it is now we get 3 per day thats just 30 levels out of the 500 needed roughly 50 Case in point a year from today i start playing and see the overwhelming number of delves i need to do i am not likely to play anymore the game needs to be more progressive as the new delves are released. Its benefits no one to have players quit the game due to the overwhelming amount of runs needed. Dont get me started on deeds i cant imagine missing a year of these.


If you pay money for tiers on faction event days you can get as many sigils as you want! :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

Newer players would be lucky to get delves to even lv100. That only takes 3 days of free scrolls. So in a month they would have 10 delves done basically as far as they can. As they increase their hero level and get better troops they can slowly start trying to go higher.

I agree about the deeds though. They will never be able to “catch up” with those.

I would spend gems to get more attempts at my farming delve on normal days, but not during a faction event.

I will let you do my 3. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see your point, but Delves are content aimed at end-gamers, so there is naturally going to be some catch-up and progression involved for newer players.

Its not like you have much time left to do delves after doing everything else, and you have faction asaults every week to push the limit of a delve.

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How about giving players the choice of starting at level 20 or starting at the current faction level during faction events? That would help a bit with catch up.


To be honest, it will take pretty much 1 year or like that to get a lineup that can consistently clear lev 500 delves…

This is a really good suggestion. That we either start from start, or from where our actual faction is.


This problem is pretty general to gems of wars. As more content is added you should start thinking of catch-up mechanisms for newer players. Otherwise the “end-game” gets to be further and further away for someone starting later.

Troops are released every week, mythics every month, delves each month and so on. Old content needs to have a speed up mechanism so the time it takes for a new player to reach that level is constant regardless of how much content is added.

Mythics are even worse. Each month a new mythic is added and due to how probabilities work the more mythics there are, the harder is to get them. Someone starting now has a very very low chance of getting all the mythics in the next 3-5 years or so which is too much time in my opinion.


As it stands, completing a new faction from scratch takes 50 wins actually we start at lvl20 so its 49 wins. We get three per day, one month in between factions is 90 attempts.

Not counting the sigils from the release event, which we all get at least some of.

It is quite possible to get all factions maxed. I have had weeks straight per month for half a year now where I don’t even hit the underworld at all.

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I think it be neat if we had 6 delve attempts each day. And I don’t feel that would be OP.