Unlimited Faction team attempts for Delves (level 500 or otherwise)

Quoting directly from a thread in another topic:

Ideally, this would be for any level, not just 500 - perhaps a tab up the top to switch between Faction team-only and regular attempts? - but I’d happily settle for just the 500 option for now, since it might be easier to implement.

Do you agree or disagree? Would this make you more likely to engage with Delves, if you don’t already (or if you do)? Would this make you more likely to leave a positive review for the game, or recommend it to friends? Would this improve your overall experience of the game?

If you think this change would be unlikely, for one reason or another, please also state whether or not you would personally like the change and/or whether or not you think it should be implemented anyway, for whatever reason, regardless of likelihood.

Engagement in Faction Assaults with people splurging and binging to beat level 500 with a Faction team would potentially conflict with this, but this has overwhelmingly been agreed to be an issue by players, from Tuesday faction events are not healthy (78 ‘Likes’ on the main post - #8 of all time, see https://community.gemsofwar.com/badges/20/great-topic), and I’m interested in your opinion.


This would be an awesome change, especially if we could choose any level (previously beaten in the middle slot) for the faction team slot. Unfortunately unlimited attempts is very unlikely to happen because it would mean less gems spent in events.

I’ve said it before in multiple threads the solution to the delve time problem is to have the delves increase by 20 each time instead of 10. Adjust the sigils each tier gives to compensate and that way delves will take only half the time and people will still spend the same amount of gems. Only having to do 25 delves on a Tuesday is far more palatable and can be done in roughly an hour or so. This would make Tuesday delve events and new delve events approachable by anyone (with enough gems of course)

I think in the devs eyes the delve difficulty problem has already been taken care of with potions and kingdom levels. Once you have a hoard bonus of 100% (in the far future) delves will almost be trivial.


I think I’ve thought this was also a good potential solution when I’ve seen you mention it, so ty :raised_hands:


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I think this is a good idea but I don’t actually think it would make “me personally” play delves more often than I already do. I am currently either playing out the latest faction, or I lock the mode in stasis while waiting for the next one. This is because the remaining delves I have not gotten to 2500 all fall under the category of, bluntly, “screw that”. Only it isn’t screw.

If rewards were still three a day, I imagine I would play three a day. I might be a little more zealous while playing since I would know that screw-ups wouldn’t be punished as hard.


Personally I don’t like daily caps. Three runs a day max? Make it unlimited. Pure faction or not, just unlimited. Explore and PvP are unlimited. Make delves the same.

Daily max runs force daily gameplay. If I wasn’t already hooked on this game before delves and saw them as a new player, I probably would have left the game. This is the only game I have ever played with daily caps.

Alternatively, convert the daily caps to sigils that rollover day to day like events. If someone only plays weekends, they still get Mon to Fri sigils for the event. Do the same with delves. That way it doesn’t force daily login. To prevent an absurd number of sigils, cap it to 40 or so.

Although, by forcing a limited number of runs, strategy for pure faction runs would be very different. Many of them are pure RNG, so people would just suicide and start over if the room lineup wasn’t good or RNG gods disliked them. There would be less reason to boost the hoard.

I would love a way to get faction assault potions permanently. Every 50 levels in the hoard give a potion.

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I think Magnasimus covered this pretty well in the other thread:

Not so sure I’d enjoy having to play through the battle instead if I really just wanted to re-roll, but good points, I thought.


Increasing the level steps to 20 from 10 is a terrible idea. Completing a 3day faction assault for all rewards is a gruesome task for me. It requires 21-22 runs, which results in lvl 220 delve, which is doable wit lvl 100 hoard. However with 20 levels increment it would result in a 480 level delve, which only doable by end game players and with a highly upgraded hoard. It just won’t be viable for mid game players or casuals. I definitely wouldn’t do it.


Or make them reset weekly. That way they will be capped at 21 and any unused by Sunday will be lost.

I personaly would like to be able to pick up level of delve with non-event delving. that way i could make all faction pets to legendary before going for pure 500. I know that might not solve all issues with delving, but it’s a one-step forward to make them less painful.


If you consider that higher levels give more points towards the rewards for Faction Assaults, you probably wouldn’t need to do all 21-22 runs, ending at level 480, as you said. I won’t do the math, but it would more likely be in the 300 realms.

That aside, you make a good point – but the point you’ve made isn’t so much an inherent problem with the increased size of level jumps, but how this might affect the ability for a range of players to complete the faction events.

If the points required to reach the final reward were adjusted so that you could finish it by the time you completed level ~220, while still increasing level by 20 instead of 10, thus requiring half the number of runs, would you do it then?

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Infinite attempts with no rewards is something I’ve seen a lot of support for in my guild family too, having to decide between pure faction 500 runs which can take weeks if you’re unlucky and building other factions to 500 is a real pain in the neck. It doesn’t give me extra stuff to do end game because I’m already there and twiddling my thumbs on explore or arena over and over. At least infinite delves with no rewards would give me something useful to work on.


Which guild family is that/how many guilds?

Agreed that having to choose between those unrewarding, few daily attempts and keeping up or making progress with other Delves is painful and frustrating.

Gemocide, four guilds (and a fifth holiday guild) in the family and I’d say over a dozen people spread over those four guilds agreed with an idea similar to this.

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Half the runs and all the rewards? I absolutely love this idea!!

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This is probably the best idea i have seen suggested for a long time. 100% support this. Devs need to make it happen

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To the post saying no rewards/delve chest. Keep in mind, as your total renown increases you get extra daily gold and daily ingots. That is probably the reason this won’t happen.

I’ll welcome any change that makes a Tuesday run palpable or a potion-less PF 500 feel within reach.


If someone completed pure faction at 300 for legendary pet, they’ll only get an extra 200 renown, which might be enough to push to next level. Meaning 10 extra gold per day, 1 extra stat or 1 extra ingot. And that’s if you win and per faction.

If you only did up to 100 pure faction (from Tuesday event), you’ll get 400 points, which will net you at most 20 extra gold.

Yes, you could argue that there are 26 factions (25 current but a new one coming on Friday) and those 200/400 renown add up. But likely you’ll be upping your hoard each time, getting frustrated or simply it takes too long and you need breaks.

I don’t believe unlimited pure faction would break anything, but it also would not give anything to the publishers. Yet, it would be an awesome QoL update.

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Just bumping this based on the outcry during this latest faction event (Labyrinth).

I feel that having an unlimited level 500 pure faction option would greatly help. All players can eventually reach level 500 in every delve without a death, leaving them only with the pure faction run. The pure faction run is the stickler because it either requires you to:

  • Grind a Tuesday all the way to 500 (which could be the reason the publishers are not considering this change yet since that’s a lot of gems)
  • Increase the hoard level immensely (which also costs resources which are obtained through cash or time spend in game, both things that affect the bottom line).

However, simply adding the unlimited option (as shown marvelously in the original post), would not take away from the 2nd point at all, since some factions still require absurd hoard levels, even if you pick “the best route” and get lucky. Even if someone keeps retreating until they find “the best route”, they still need to face it.

For example, let’s take Mirrored Halls and the Glutmaw room. Is this the only route through? No. Would it greatly help if you ran into it? Yes. But you have to face the first room before that, which could kill all your cloning troops. Or, if you did make it to the Glutmaw room with all your troops intact, there’s a chance you might not be able to clone Glutmaw (unless you took Doppelganger with you). So now you have Glutmaw with a 25% chance of devour (boosted by enemy deaths). As someone who has seen Irongut fail to devour multiple times with 80% chance, and also seen Mimic devour three of my troops, that means you still have to face RNG. Maybe their Glutmaw will fire first or yours will simply die due to taking damage. All that to say that, even if you “abuse” until you find the best path, it only gives you an advantage, but does not guarantee you’ll win. And if/when you do fail, you’ll get frustrated, which might prevent you from trying again right away. Or you’ll get frustrated that you can’t find Glutmaw room. Or, as someone else suggested, retreating will just show you the same rooms as a penalty.

TLDR: this would be very beneficial and, if the purpose of publishers/devs is to keep us logged in/playing for a long time, unlimited attempts would do just that.


Personally I have no hope of this happening. As we’ve seen made more and more clear with the past many updates, the goal of the devs is to milk money out of us, not make us happy or play more.

This suggestion would mean players spend LESS time (in terms of days, not per day) getting through delves and would be less motivated to spend their precious treasure troops to raise the Faction level. It would also less motivate players to spend a ton of gems for Faction Assault events, as you mentioned.

The drive to make money and waste players’ time (many Factions are made extremely annoying and RNG-based for this reason; we also see the same time-wasting goal present in the Arena events, Treasure Maps, etc) reigns supreme over the drive to make the game more fun or raise its QoL.


I think its clear that the “solution” to factions is evident in how upgrading kingdoms is designed. Unlimited daily delves will only assist in certain cases and certain factions so the nett result nay be less guild contribution and colossal frustration. I think most players just want to complete a delve and never experience it ever again so advanced kingdom boost is irrelevant because most are done during release. Of course you can spam your horde and exhaust treasures in order to try and win outside of events. It is what it is but players have waxed lyrical about the unhealthy requirements associated with factions since day 1 and to no avail. Its an awful mode and the latest faction “design” merely rubs salt into already painful wounds.

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