Dungeon like Delves

Hey crew what’s up,

How about making dungeon like the delves. Just having three floors (3 Bosses). The offers could stay. The “Try your luck”, thing needs to go. I’m saying delves is a dungeon crawler and the experience feels better than Dungeon Luck. :thinking:


That would make it worse. Delves are nothing but random luck. At least with dungeon, you are guaranteed something.

P.S.: Also the game is already time-consuming enough. Whatever it is, that you are suggesting, sounds, like it will take longer.


Not suggesting anything to be random. The reward is stated with the the boss you choose, and if three floors is too much, they can fit all on one big map, 1 floor.

I brought up delve because of how you can navigate. Instead of picking a panel and getting nothing. Like I said, delve is already a dungeon crawler, why not just navigate the same way?

Dungeon luck gives you something worth anything if you are lucky and it’s ridiculously random. Following a specific pattern based on your previous gameplays doesn’t work as much, like I said ridiculously random.

Delves shows you the rewards.

At least with my idea the rewards are in plain sight and it’s up to the players to beat the bosses. However ever the challenge? Based on the difficulty. I honestly don’t see my idea making it worse. The idea to stop picking panels and wasting time is not a bad idea.

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I have an alternative take on making the Dungeon feel more “like exploring a dungeon”:

  • Change the layout to: 3 boss rooms, 1 bonus altar (or stairs), 1 treasure room (either Jewels, Diamonds, or free Dragonite), and 1 trap room.

  • The six doors are visually arranged in a circular layout and the player may start by picking any of them. This first door is guaranteed to not be a trap.

  • After that, the player may only pick adjacent doors… You know the trap room is somewhere, but will it be found clockwise or counterclockwise, and from which door?

  • A perfect run is still defined by defeating all 3 bosses before/without discovering the trap room (statistically, a 16% chance).

Or, alternatively:

  • Change the dungeon layout to 5 doors: 3 bosses, 1 trap, 1 bonus. These are arranged similarly as they are now, except the middle column is combined into one large door, and it is locked. This central door always contains the Gem Dragon.
  • The player may open any of the other 4 doors in any order.
  • Upon defeating any of the bosses, the central door unlocks and reveals the Gem Dragon.
  • A perfect run is still defined by defeating all bosses before/without discovering the Trap room (statistically, a 25% chance).

[aside: speculative probabilities not confirmed, will double check later]

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Yes! Something like this. Anything that takes away the “Scatch and win” feeling. Dungeon “Lottery” is not feeling so good right now :laughing:

Not everyone play this game the same. Some just come on to play PVP, Daily Adventures, and the now Dungeon Luck (not me tho’, I play everything). So why not make the experience good?

I miss the original Dungeon at this point. I like the offers and rewards from Dungeon Luck but not the unlucky feeling of it… it’s whack. I feel like a gambling hobo, trying to win digital trinkets :rofl: sad :sleepy:

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The sad part was how the devs effectively confirmed that the Dungeon doors were intended to be shuffled at random with zero clues/strategy/player agency involved.


If you haven’t seen the older thread, early community data tracking revealed that each door could never contain a specific room, effectively making some combinations of doors more/less likely to be perfect runs than others. This was confirmed to be just a bug when they patched it serverside.

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That is sad it makes the whole thing depressing, especially if ya wanna enjoy the game. Something definitely should be considered :thinking:

You know what’s also depressing? Analyzing it by power of math:

  • 60% of dungeon runs ultimately spring both traps.
  • 40% will spring a trap before discovering the first boss
  • 33% will spring a trap on the very first door picked
  • 30% will spring only one trap
  • 20% will spring both traps before the first boss
  • Only 10% of runs avoid both traps (i.e. Perfect Run)

Sad, it’s time to refill on some Prozacs :laughing: