Let's rethink the Trophy System

Hello everyone!

First: I love the game! :laughing:
And especially the new difficulties… but i think we need to talk about trophies. :confused:

For example:
Lets say we have two guilds.

  • Guild A: All or most of the members play on a higher difficulty (Warlord 2 or 3).
  • Guild B: All or most of the members play it on a lower difficulty (normal or hard).

Both guilds get one trophy for every battle that each member wins. (except when an new event starts)
But: Guild B gets in the same amount of time much more trophies than Guild A. Why? Because most of the members in guild b can finish there fights much quicker, and can therefore win much more trophies than the members of Guild A.

I fight on Warlord 2 and win 99% of my battles. In Warlord 2 i need 5-6 minutes to win a fight. In Normal or Hard i can finish the fight in 1-2 minutes. That’s why i think, it’s a bit unfair for the guilds, whose members play on higher difficulties.
And I think the guilds will notice it sooner or later. Maybe they will even suggest their members to play on lower difficulties, just to get more trophies for the guild.

I would suggest, that the higher difficulties should also give more trophies for winning a battle.

For exemple:
Normal / Hard / Warlord 1 = 1 Trophie
Worlord 2 / Warlord 3 / Warlord 4 = 2 Trophies

What do you think?


:confused: Hmm… I think you missed the point of difficulties.

Difficulties were added to allow an additional form of play for those that were feeling unrewarded for defeating the ever so simple AI time and time again.

To provide an optional challenge that does not actually reward you the necessary amount to say “Hey! Everyone should play this mode for fastest -currency- gain!” But instead offers a bonus as a form of “Thanks!” for trying a more difficult mode.

If you’re in it for the trophies, gold, souls or anything of substantial gain, go Hard or Normal. If you’re in it for a challenge, a test of skills and luck, play the Warlords.

What I’m saying is this; no higher difficulty is actually “worth” playing, unless you enjoy playing it.


Its common opinion that the benefits of the higher difficulties need to be increased - beyond being more of a challenge. I hadn’t considered trophies in there, but that could be another angle to work.

Maybe we could see Warlord IV change from 2x exp / 2x gold / 2.5x souls TO, say, 3x exp/gold/souls/trophies. And everything else scaling up slightly to match. Arena has trophies attached to it, so people can play that without feeling like they’re letting down their guild by not bulldozing normal matches for trophies…

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The point of the higher difficulties is not to force people to play them but to offer an additional challenge to those who are not satisfied with the normal difficulty.

Increasing the rewards could easily lead to a situation where you feel unable to compete with other players’ income who play on higher difficulties when you do not have a team to compete beyond normal or hard mode. Those two should always be the ones considered standard when designing and balancing content with the higher difficulties just being an added bonus.


Even so. We’re typically talking 3-5 minutes for normal vs 10-15 minutes for Warlord IV. Its not an advantage, its just less punishing people for playing the harder match-up.

(Another tweak could be that the difficulty modifiers and armor modifiers become multiplicative instead of additive…)

I think the whole discussion is academic. At least until trophies have a practical relevance.

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The current rewards for playing over hard are a complete mess. There’s just no economy reason to use them and adding just a trophy boost would hardly change that. I suggest a massive overhaul. And within that trophy bonus makes perfect sense.

Well warlord IV paysout when you are compleating a challenge on level 5. Instead of 100 souls your end reward is 225, which is a huge increace for a small increase in the length of the match. Other then that I completely agree.

Celestial armor, W1 → 250 souls. W4 → 325 souls. For enemies with TRIPLE stats all around.

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Sure, but those in big need of souls are not players who have celestial armor. It’s an armor that you can find on really high level players, and they don’t really struggle with souls. I am talking below 150 level players to which those 125 soul difference is huge if they can beat WL4. .

From pretty low levels I used assasin armor, there you have 200 vs 275. (using normal as base makes little sense too). And if the player is that low in stats he may have serious problems with the
W4 buff so taking lower step for small diff is the better approach. Especially if you count with TIME as resource. A random battle I started had troops with 24/51 and 24 attack, that just instakills your troops on a random skull match while your best damage is 10-ish so need 7-8 shots to kill just one. Unless you use an infinite loop party I won’t bet on you.

Like I said I completely agree on difficulty. I just added that only real reason to increase to WL4 at any point is to get 225% souls on fifth level of challenges (because besides arena thats the only place where you get big amount of souls, and no one else plays arena on WL4 anyway). Even if you use celestial armor. So to resume, only situation when duration of the game increase due to playing on WL4 difficulty is acceptable is to harvest a big amount of bonus souls on challenges level 5.
Only then.

As for the part of beating enemy on WL4, well using:
Will bring you win in 99% of the time. It may take a bit, but it’s the fastest team that can bring win against WL4 (that I know of).

For 2 more days… And I just managed a loss with the invincible team, so the percent is lower… though some early mistake was involved. The enemy boar rider filled in a blink and found a skull match: say goodbye to slime. I mentioned infinite combo certainly wins, but I doubt devs will keep those in the game, who wanna bet on this particular one will still work next Tuesday?

Slime can work great in a
But it wins 19/20 matches so it’s 95% chance.
I played about 70 games with slime, 2x shaman, and a seer and had no losses, but exchanged 1 shaman with 1 skeleton, because tho I never lost, it takes to much time.
They only said nerf (or call it a change) may include goblin shaman, slime works the way they intend so no changes on slime.

Oh challenges … I didn’t even think of that. I may still have some of those left, if I ever have to go down that road again. I guess that’s worth considering.

Arena payout is also pretty good but totally not worth it on Warlord IV… slow enough as it is in there.