I want that Casual matches gives likely trophies as Ranked

My suggestion would be that the medium difficulty gave +2 trophies and the hard one gave +3 trophies also in the Casual mode. This is a mode were one can decide the difficulty settings, like we cant do in the Ranked. But I feel that its not worth doing them since each of the hardest battles only gives +1 trophies.



More trophies seems good if you also buff the rewards on ranked to match the increase on casual. Also more glory rewards for casual as well.

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You could just as well play a ranked match instead, no matter if you actually want to compete in the ladder. So basically the option to get more trophies and glory per match already exists. I dont see any need to change this.

It’s more glorious to win a match in a tournament than in a casual match, just like in soccer. #euro2016 #what? #thesedontdoanythinghere

Cant choose difficulty settings as warlord 1 f.example in Ranked, but in Casual matches one can. That was my point, and why I want to have trophies equally for both modes.

That’s actually one thing I like about 2.0 - with a combination of

broken maw
bone dragon

you can easily defeat any opponent on warlord IV. You could just add warlord MCMXCIX and still beat that. At least you dont get as much trophies and glory now. You still get a sh*tload of souls/gold, take it or leave it =)

It’s my understanding that pc/mobile ranked PvP is automatically set to have the combo breaker off, being able to play with combo breaker on with the same rewards wouldn’t seem fair, especially if trophies have a purpose when you guys get the guild updates. That’s just my two cents

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Combo breaker is off at higher difficulty settings.

I would play casual over ranked if the trophies were there. No leaderboard hanging over me. No pvp points to grind after. Hopefully more variety in the battles compared to ranked and the endless Mercy / Maw teams.

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Straight forward no to this. The two are different for a reason and they should stay so.

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Except you still get the at the very least soul rewards for playing Casual PvP as if you were playing on normal difficulty, despite the opponent getting the stat boosts for playing on your current difficulty - this is very easy to test. I haven’t mathed out gold to see if it gives the correct amount for difficulty on casual, since match 4-5 gold messes with the numbers, but the average base reward for gold on casual matches is always lower for me on Casual than on Ranked anyway. Opportunity cost from not winning points in a ranked battle is more likely to hurt you than the points you actually lose if you are vying for a leaderboard spot, so if you are going for a spot, you shouldn’t waste time on casual period. And if you aren’t vying for a spot, Ranked is better overall rewards for your time, because you get more trophies, more glory, and tier rewards. You can’t revenge, cant get rivals, you are still attacking the same defense teams, but with difficulty on - Casual doesn’t make your life easier, it makes it harder.

Either way, other than challenging yourself for lower overall rewards, its absolutely not ever “worth” doing casual in its current state. Might as well just do ranked and ignore your position on the leaderboard.

I’d rather have the other rewards fixed than giving additional trophies. Still wouldn’t make the mode worth doing for me 99% of the time, but maybe someone could find it useful then.

Trophies are utterly worthless, at least once your guild has more than 5000 of them. Unless you’re competing for rank on some kind of leaderboard… Which is what Ranked battles are for. Casual has the potential for greater resource gain, since difficulty can be applied.

Except it doesn’t. Or is at least partially broken. Soul gain is for sure, you’ll always get souls as if you had played on normal difficulty, regardless of what difficulty you actually played on. Yes, on Casual PvP. Yes, I’m sure. No, its not a display error.

100% agree there, but they possibly wont be in 2.1 or 2.2. Still, I’d just like the resource gains for casual PvP to be fixed so there is at least some reason to use it.

A blunt ‘no’ from me… casual and ranked are supposed to be different… else why not just make them both the same thing and be done with it…


I want them to be the same but have different functionality. I want to have ranked be the way it is, with casual, i want it to function like the old pvp system sort of.