2.0 Thread Closed but I have a question

Since 1.09 came out I have come to notice that RNGeezus seems to be on the side of the AI more on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Bad luck days for me cuz he hates me I guess. Tonight was a nightmare grind of trying to get by the AI’s luck in cascades of skulls, 4/5 matches and just the board not having any gem colours that I need to stand up to the enemy.

Enough ranting - my question. Is there going to be a difference in the difficulty of the teams offered between Casual play and Ranked play? Is the Hard team offered in Ranked similar to or equal to the Hard team offered in Casual play in overall difficulty / strength? Or is the difference between them the rewards and getting Rank points with one team also clearly having more or less strength than the other?

From my knowledge Ranked has no difficulties without combo breaker as it’s default… You cannot change that setting.

Casual on the other hand uses difficulties with combo breaker (at least on Normal). Don’t count on that, it wouldn’t surprise m, if the Combo Breaker is removed entirely.

@CSZ I think you’re right - Combo breaker is gone. But that wasn’t what I was curious about. In the current version I would say @MrSammy, @Jainus, @RiverSong (to name a few) have dangerous teams for their defense but @lcnt and @scorpio (why don’t these names highlight?) have teams that are considerably weaker for defense. Is this going to be the difference between a hard team offered on Ranked and a hard team offered on Casual?

@collectorofgems. If my theory is correct, I think lcnt and Scorpio have left the game. The troop traits and bonuses don’t seemed to have changed in ages. As for why their names don’t highlight, they may never have been members of the forums.

I’m so happy that these people exist, otherwise I’d never win a PvP battle. Bonus that they give good Gold too. I’ve found I’m making more Gold than ever, but I also have to skip a lot of matches and play bottom-feeder, preying on and praying for these match ups.

When you first hit level 200 the competition is brutal. Mostly fully-mythic/full-traited teams with many maxed kingdoms. It’s too much to handle. I’ve tried a few times, and still do when I see crazy 2k+ gold rewards, but I pretty much always lose. The massive stats plus legendary traits is too much to overcome even with a good team and smart play.


If you find my defence team and face off against it then tell me how lucky the ai is. I say this cause of the troops involved are neither peasant nor some high tier over-used team.

So @Sirrian any chance you have an answer?

With how close we are to 2.0, I’d be surprised if he’s got time to make a sandwich, let alone tell us any further info on something coming 2 weeks or less from now.

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Wow 2 weeks? Much, much less! It has to be much less than that!

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I will now refer to a post made in the lounge.

So until a date is officially stated by the devs (and only the devs), meh. :yum:

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Here’s hoping for next week, though I do not have nearly enough gems or glory saved.

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