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The Rules for Alchemy and Guild Wars Bracket 1

I can only speak to PC/Mobile. No clue what it’s like on other platforms.

But to do well in bracket 1. Takes a lot of time to do it legitly. Often at the sacrifice of farming trophies. So if a guild were to find it’s self #1 in weekly trophies and #1 in Guild Wars the same week. It would simply be unprecedented… I’ll leave it at that.


Speaking as someone currently in B1, my fights take about 15-20 minutes total to finish. Not sure how or why you think that would hinder any sort of trophy farming

Edit: just so I’m clear, I’m in Sons of Anarchy (PC/Mobile.) went 5-0 and have farmed about 1400 trophies so far today.


This surfer guy is telling the truth. And to burst your bubble, we hope to finish 6 or 7. 1530000 is absolutely out of reach for us atm. We know B1 very well. Many of us spent a lot of time there coming from others guilds. We have a lot to learn, but we are definitely getting better.
As for farming, this is the core of our guild. This is how people are recruited, because they invest time in the game and they do it efficiently.

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Fully agree with AWR on this.

I have seen players easily take 3+ hours for the 5 fights on 1 day.

There is a massive difference between rushing through your fights to farm trophies some more, and taking time to do your GW fights and do the best you can. Honestly, if you cant see that, then you will not last in B1.


There’s also a major difference between rushing through fights and simply understanding the boards so as 3+ Hours isnt needed. Guilds that focus on GW will clearly spend more time on the battles, but to say that much time is necessary is incorrect. Whether or not we “last” in B1 has yet to be determined. But to imply it’s not plausible to be able to do well in both trophies and GW in the same week is laughable. The fact that we have made it to B1, as a trophy minded guild, already proves that point.

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Are we really just talking about the length of the battles themselves? :woman_facepalming:t2: There are other essential factors that consume the time!

Assessing the opponent to chose the best options while reading feedback from your Guildmates.

Practicing with those options to test effectiveness and find the one that suits your play style best.

Sharing pros & cons on how the battle went with your Guildmates.

I’m sure there are other factors I’m forgetting; not to mention building teams from scratch when new troops enter the game. Jumping in with cookie-cutter (or pre-made) teams while having one eye on the clock distracted by trophy activity (that can be made up other weeks) is not the best way to help your guild get or stay in the top brackets… if that’s your goal.

Edit: If you found a short cut that saves all that time, please share it. @Jefferson


Winning bracket 1 has never been SoA’s goal. Getting to bracket 1 is just something that kind of happened… The fact that we got here using “cookie cutter” teams that allow us to farm trophies and not spend 3+ hours a day on GW just shows how laughable GW is as a whole and how few guilds really care about it.

Will we stay in B1 after this GW? most likely not… but we’ll most likely be back considering we beat AWR in bracket 2 last GW and they seem to hop back and forth from B1to B2 as well.

Just to be clear this is not meant to degrade the guild’s that finish in the top of B1 every GW. If GW is your thing and you all enjoy it that much, that’s great. You all put up some amazing scores every month.


To be clear. AWR made it to Bracket 1 in 2017 and have been there more often than not. At this time I think AWR has been in been in Bracket 2 still less than 5 times in the past 3 years. Where your guild has been in Bracket 2… 1 time… and Bracket 1… 1 time.

So slow your roll on grouping yourself with us. I know your former leadership tried to emulate us. But no need for that to still be a thing. Y’all are doing great setting your own sort of style now.

Since your new to top brackets. When it comes to super close match ups. More often than not. Bugs are what beat other guilds. So since my guild had 5 more victories over your guild. Yet somehow your guild scored more points. I’d put a big asterisk next to your beat*

December Bracket 2 ↑

Why would anybody want to emulate you? you’re average amongst the top guilds at everything and great at nothing.

I’m glad 1 days worth of battles indicates how we did the other 5 days??? Also… we had two people go 1/4 that day and one go 2/3 so that’s 11 of those 14 losses. Obviously those scores were replaced by 3 better scores

And I guess I need to correct my first statement… you are great at trolling the forums

You are aware your commenting on my thread right?
Are you saying I’m trolling your comment on my own OP?

How quickly you forget the past. (Or you never knew it.) Either way. Good luck keeping it up.

Hopefully the devs eventually care again about cheating. But until they do. It is what it is I guess.

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this whole thread was a troll job by you trying to take a jab saying SoA is obviously cheating because no guild can be great at trophies and GW.

And that’s exactly what AWR is now… the past

The entire thread is a callout, so :man_shrugging:


For the week we had 11 more wins.

Can’t trust the scores at all. The devs don’t care. But sure. Brag about it man. Gems of War is life. :muscle:

Call-out against who?
A hypothetical situation that I’m being told won’t ever happen?
Which only supports my argument in the first place.

You don’t have to say someone’s name to point a finger at them in accusation :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Nope. I stated that it’s never happened before. What you drew from it. Is… What it is.

If you read it as an accusation. I mean… How can you have time to farm trophies efficiently. Do well in GW. And troll my thread. If you’re playing legitly?

To qualify as a callout. Yeah you kinda do.

I love how the bugs only affect your guild causing only AWR to score lower then they should. You don’t seem to understand that having players go 1/4 almost every day because they don’t care about GW means those 4 losses get replaced completely.

The bug that is an issue affects every guild’s scores. not just yours. But math and statistics are hard and I don’t really expect you to be able to know how GW scoring works when I don’t think even the devs know how it works.

Call-out against who?
A hypothetical situation that I’m being told won’t ever happen?
Which only supports my argument in the first place.

Except it has been done, numerous times, by Intrim in the past. So I guess your hypothetical situation has been answered. Go back to your GW battles, don’t think you can afford to spend time on forums if you want to do well