Let's let newer players in

So I’ve been thinking on the debates here on:

  • merits of strong/weak defence teams
  • how 108 is making it harder for low/mid level players

So I have an appeal / idea.

I will post a weak single troop defence team. Anyone who invades me will probably win, and probably quickly, so:

  • they’ll get a high amount of gold easily
  • unfortunately they won’t get much exp or many souls
  • yes they’ll get a guild trophy easily

My logic is:

  • low level players are having a rough time if it now
  • I don’t want to feel soft, but it concerns me to read several players from levels 50 to 250 suddenly really struggle to win any games
  • if it stays this way too many may quit and the game dies
  • I for one want the game to grow and make enough money to get us all great content for years to come
  • getting easier gold will help lower level players
  • I can’t gift them exp or souls this way but gold keys can generate other useful stuff
  • trophies are useless right now, and my own guild is so far ahead it won’t make much difference

So the appeal is: the highest level players could follow same as me, for a while. It won’t change the world but could help some people. My reasons aren’t just altruism. Once the meta settles down we can always change back.

Not singling anyone out, just names I can think of @esslee @MrSammy @dhjl @Tacet @Shimrra @Serale what do you think?

Best wishes all

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You’re not wrong, but I think the fact we need to manipulate the system in this fashion implies the problem is within the system…

The other thing is, whenever I set my defense to four Priestesses or four Gates or something equally silly, I never get low level people beating me - it will still be people at least 250-300 range who don’t actually need our help.

I’ll try it and see what happens but I don’t expect much. Maybe more so in the first day of the week though.

True, matchmaking algorithm will get in the way potentially…

But it costs me nothing much to do this, maybe the appeal should be to ALL players…

I’ll go along & see what happens. Perhaps a thrall who inflicts self-harm…

Out of interest - how is XP determined (level of opposition? difference in level? hitpoints of opposition? number of turns?)

Actually what we should do to appeal to low level players is have a collective agreement not to use Goblin teams in defense.

Is lvl496 still low level?

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The problem now is low lvl players have very little access to stuff as compared to in the past when gems of war went live on steam.

Back then, we could just keep on contributing gold to guild tasks and get gems and keys to get dragon armors and legendary troops.

Now gold needs to be spent on lvling kingdoms, getting gold chests to chase minor traitstones, and unlocking kingdoms. A low lvl player wont be able to farm so much gold for their needs, nor will they have enough gold to contribute to guild tasks and meet the contribution requirements of top guilds that keeps on completing guild tasks for keys and gems. They are kinda trapped i guess.

I am currently lvl 190+. Fortunately, i was once in a top 10 guild before i decided to take a break from the game. Luckily, i was able to get my dragon armor, lots of keys to get legendaries before i took my break.
Someone once made a post that he only had 4 legendaries at lvl 100+ and i was shocked. I do think that something must be done to help newer players adapt to the game but i doubt fielding a weak team is the way to go. What they need is a feasible way to farm gold, because currently the game needs alot of gold to get anywhere, and there is too much gold sinks around.

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I’m in. I’m not an high level player, but I have all troops so If I wish I can set quite a boring team (goblin, dragons, etc).

Usually I use dragons for defense, but I agree with the idea.

Let me know the easy team to use.

I agree. I’m level 664, won’t help as much as you guys, but it’s something.

You can count me out, balacing the game is not our job. But I love you thinking for others! ^^

I am opposed to this. We, the players, shouldn’t have to balance out the lack of balancing from the devs. I feel like the inverse would be more effective; if everyone uses excessively strong teams for defends, then lower players won’t get any gold. When the devs see all the complaints, they will fix it or deal with the new player base leaving. They obviously want new players, so they will then fix it.

Setting your defend team to something weak to support the in game economy is counterproductive to its own cause.

Exactly that, I was just too lazy to type it all. :v:

I’m with Tacet and Serale on this point…

There’s been a lot of talk in other threads about how the revenge rewards are currently better than the win rewards. So, until that is reworked, wouldn’t this actually be to your advantage?

Marginally… but you only store up three Revenge battles so it doesn’t make much difference, and wasn’t where I was coming from…

I’m with you on this one. I already have a reasonably beatable team set to give opponents a fun match but will set a simpler one now.

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Although I do think the devs should definitely do something about it, I see no reason to remove my Fortress Gates from my defense team. Or perhaps a couple of them, since they have no bonus anymore anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I understand where you were coming from. I was merely trying to provide an alternative to those who are not in favor of the idea by appealing to their self interest. Apparently it was not successful.

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Ah sorry - maybe you could have advertised it more explicitly as that…

And yes, I do agree the devs really need to be sorting this out… but a gesture from as many high level players as possible would help some people…

I’m merely level 260 or so, but that’s really more in the range as targetable to mid level players.
I lose pretty much every match, but my team isn’t something boring or so yarn-worthy as a 1 troop team.

Here’s my example of a team players can fight without thinking your fishing for revenges:

Epic/ Zombie (Purple) [1 Trait: +2 Health to all Undead]
Epic/ Banshee (Purple/Yellow)
UR/ Vampire Lord (Red/Yellow)
Epic/ Grave Knight (Purple/Brown)
I’ll spare you the rest of the details bonus-wise but it is a team I’ve beaten dragons with.

Don’t just throw yourself out like a piñata for lower levels, give them something to enjoy fighting! :smile:
The issue with invasions at the moment, if any, is overpowered and overplayed goblins or dragon defenses, we can all agree they’re fairly stale.

You can avoid using traited or Mystic troops if you want, but don’t make yourself forgettable, put some fun in your defense! Because easy =/= fun.

While I appreciate the civic-mindedness, I’m with @zelfore on this one. I’m 203, and probably in the target audience here. While I’ve noticed an uptick in my losses, I’m still winning most of the time - but many are much more skin-of-the-teeth close than they were before! I enjoy a challenge, and I usually skip if I see a defense team with one puny troop (unless the gold reward is fat and juicy, then I can’t help myself), because it’s boring!

Trying to be helpful is one thing, and being patronizing is another, and there is a very fine line. I’m not accusing you of the latter, because I know your intent. Some may appreciate the break in difficulty, and some may be offended at the inference that they need your help. Like others have said, I think this is more an issue of game design balance than players taking too much advantage.

Ultimately, I think what most of us would like is a bit of a change, and again im agreeing with Zelfore here. I have a very good anti-goblin/marauder team that reliably takes them down, but other strong teams like dragons and others give me more trouble. A bit more variety in the lineups I see would go a long way towards alleviating any frustration or boredom.