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Let's get physical 🏃‍♀️


I haven’t posted in off-topic for awhile, so thought I’d start a random convo!

What’s your favourite type of exercise (even if you don’t do it regularly)? Walking? Running? Spamming refresh in PVP on Gems of War?

I lovvvve weight lifting. Gotta get dem gains! I hate running though so I do ride my bike to work every day (about 30 mins one way) and do HIIT cardio as well.

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My favorite is rowing and push-ups.

I like walking a lot. Not much else to it. Sucks in the winter though.

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Bike riding, pull ups, planks mostly. Basically stuff I can do at home or on the go. Helps get around my tendency to flake out on going to the gym.


I go to bikram yoga once or twice a week

I just moved to a new Suburb in November and it’s been lovely walking around in summer at night around 8 pm - it’s a very weird residential area unlock others in Melbourne. Everyone has quirky townhouses built in odd shapes.

What is that like? I’ve heard about it but never understood how it is different to other yoga.

Its 105 degrees in the room so its like yoga in a sauna

I love bike riding (it helps that Melbourne is a really good city for bikes), but I have a bad habit of getting my bike stolen, so currently I don’t have one.

Weights I like, dead lifts, floor press, etc. Also planks and push ups. I cannot, no matter how hard I try, do a pull up, I just can’t seem to lift my own body mass with those particular muscle groups, it’s really annoying.

I am a really poor runner though, I’m fine on a treadmill but I struggle running around the city.

I’m all about that dance aerobics.

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Hahaha up 5 in the morning, every day.

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I don’t get much exercise…
I direct a Barbershop Chorus on Tuesday nights for 3 hours and I direct Handbells and Church Choir on Wednesday for 2 and 1/2 hours. My conducting is very expressive so I count that as a solid 5 hours of cardio a week!

However, the best exercise I ever got was that one family trip to Las Vegas when I was a kid. My sister and I spent the whole week in the arcade at Circus Circus playing this game:

Wish I could find one of those now… :thinking:


Have you tried the assisted pull up machines at gyms? I have this problem too. It’s frustrating because I know I am quite strong but I am also very tall with long limbs so I have extra weight to lift, also being female I’m naturally weaker! Melbourne is great for riding. Deadlifts are also my favourite, though I can only do half a straight leg deadlift. I often struggle with lower body workouts because my back gets sore too easily as I only have an adjustable dumb bell set at home. :frowning:

You would probably see me doing this at clubs/bars anyway :wink:

You could try Just Dance @efh313?

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My favorite is the one-armed barley lift :muscle::beer:
I get enough excercise at work :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t done it in a few years, but I used to love to ice skate (weird hobby for Australia I know).

Horse Riding is also good but I live in the city so I have too far to travel to go horse riding now days.


I play basketball regularly and do a little cardio to stay in shape for it. Used to play soccer in the summers, but it was getting too hard on my body so I gave it up a couple years ago.

In the winters, I shovel snow.

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Yeah, I use them occasionally, my PT gets me to do stuff to try and improve my strength there because let’s face it, if I happen to be in a situation where I am falling off a building and happen to catch myself on a balcony ledge or whatever, being able to pull myself back up would be quite useful.

I’ve gone to Docklands once, it was a lot of fun (albeit painful initially). My favourite sport to watch is Ice Hockey as well so ice skating has always been interesting to me.

Buy a horse and ride it in the city, be a modern day cowgirl (pretty sure you are female, apologies if not).

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Lifting a beer…
While playing Gems…


Skating :hugs:I used to play hockey, but my knees/back/shoulder/neck objected at various times. Still got my gear, will play again. Will be in ‘old-timers’ league, but crease crashers WILL be ‘talked to’. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(goalies are all a bit mad :upside_down_face:)



Pokemon Go…