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IRL Olympic Village

The Opening Ceremony is over and the battling has begun!

In the spirit of global unity, I thought it would be fun to have a thread to spread our Olympic love!

GoW is such a diverse game and it always amazes me to discover I’m chatting with ppl from all over the globe.

Pop in and root for your country!

Let’s see how many countries GoW represents in these Olypmics!

May the best man/woman/team/country win!!!

Go Team USA!!!




Team goblins will sneak their way to victory in the soccer games. Elves have all of track and field covered. Or do you mean regular non gow countries.

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I meant irl Olypmics.

But GoW Olympics could be fun too!

I would have pegged the elves for archery btw!
Also, don’t count out the dwarves for some of the track and field. They have shot put and hammer throw on lockdown!! :wink:


i could see the orcs in the marathon type races :slight_smile:

Hope 2 years from now we get a winter themed olympics event for GoW

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Let’s keep this thread for cheering on the real world Olympians and sharing our national pride.

Here is a thread for all your GoW Olympic fun

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Aww no fun. hope the australians win something.

Don’t misunderstand @killerman3333 I loved the idea which is why I started the other thread. Please go and share more ideas over there!!

No worries, thanks for the direction. Did you see the guy who broke his leg?

No! What event?

I saw them win gold in swimming last night.


Belgium, proud Olympic gold medallist in cycling :slight_smile:

@Studs, unless a catastrophe happens then I think the men’s and women’s basketball team will win gold also (USA).

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Warning it is graphic

That is hard to watch… And very sad for that gymnast. I will keep him in my prayers. That could be career ending… :frowning:

No words…

He should get the gold because that was his last game of the season.

Katie ledecky blowing away the competition and the World Record for another :us: gold!!

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It’s the USA (&China) show for sure.

I’m glad as a Belgian, that we already took home a gold medal. It makes all the difference for such a small country. And it inspires all our other athletes!

I just want to watch the Dream Team steamroll the competition.
Also fun to see Phelps back, and scoring!