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GoW Olympic Village

Here is a thread for all the discussion about which GoW monsters would reign supreme in the Summer Olympics!!

Have Fun and No Cheating! :wink:

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So far we have:

Goblins in the lead for Soccer gold.

Elves in the front for track and field and archery.

Orcs dominating marathons.

Dwarves locking down shot put and hammer throw.

What will happen next in he GoW Olympics!

They are still not in game but merfolk for swimming.

The Spider Family would win the rock climbing… :slight_smile

Wait… Is that an olympic sport ? Does it matter ?


They are actually adding sport climbing in 2020 so the spiders will have 4 years to perfect heir craft! :wink:

I’d wager the centaurs are best at all the races. Would they count for all the equestrian stuff?

Giants are tough to beat at basketball.

Orion takes archery and shooting.


I think the nobend brothers have a real shot at synchronized swimming… If they can just get over their fear of the water! :wink:

Not till the winter olympics.

I have to disagree on Orcs taking marathons. That’s the one thing humans are good at! Unless it’s like a 200 year marathon, in which case Elves take the Gold for sure.

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Centaurs are a shoe-in for the equestrian events.

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@Studs I suspect that your horseshoe pun was the “mane” point of your post!

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Knights take fencing.

Giants take wrestling.

Goblin King takes Pie-eating.

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2 disqualifications in swimming: Maw for reaching the other side before start-sign was given and Jarl Firemantle for drying out the pool.