Is there any skaters out there?


I am thinking of starting to skate. I have never ever tried a skateboard before. I only have a past with some rollebladers. So I am totally a newbee, which boards would u recommend to a newbee, any tips would be greatly appricated!


Avoid cliffs, bridges and other steep drops






If you just wanna ride around through the streets get a cruiser board. It can ride around rough ground. If you wanna go into more like street skating (riding curbs or doing some easy tricks) get a standard skateboard. If you are already dedicated in your mind that you want to loke it and invest a bit of time into it (not just like ride once and done), buy a skateboard from a local skateshop and not from walmart or similar. It’ll cost you 5-6x that much, but it’ll serve you longer and the materials are high quality. Not sure if this is going to help you in any way, but here’s my 2 cents :joy:


Thank you Nomfork.:wink:


I skateboarded for six years but now I need my body good for work so I retired the boards. Have fun and prepare for pain.


Ps . Watch out for stones, they are your enemy, lol.


Oh and it’s all in the knees, you gotta be flexible and swift, limber and move like a cat. It’s very fun and I had a blast.


Thanks for the tips Brudda, greatly appriciated. :wink:


Ye, pebbles are your worst enemy. Almost grinded a car with my face today bcs of those lil mofos.


I love the sound the wheels make when they met stone.


Me too, but don’t like the sound of my chin scraping the ground :laughing:


I have a big nose, so it will possibly take much damage lol :wink:


Just get ready to tuck and roll, and then get used to it.


Obviously all this talk about stones and falling, he shouldn’t be taking advice from you! :joy:


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.