Rich Corinthian Leather

Ok not really, but I bought a Microsoft elite controller, and wow. $150 USD isn’t cheap, unless you consider you don’t get this level of luxury that cheap for any other high end product.

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I got one at launch and I must say it was worth every penny. Only issue has been the grip peeling off the left handle (very common) but that was a quick and cheap fix.

I bought it so I could remap L3 and R3 to paddles. Holding-in the sticks for sprinting and whatnot still offends my sensibilities to this day.

Launch? Lol
I can’t believe anyone would buy a $150 controller at launch. $50 was overpriced.

But wow, I love this controller. Buying and using at launch must have been the best desicion ever. Xbox related lol

Some people take gaming seriously, some people like a nice steak dinner, or going to a quality wine bar. The costs are about same. People usually spend money on their interests and what makes them happy.

Besides when the X1 Elite controller launched it was less expensive than a SCUF and had more options with superior build quality.

FYI: I don’t have either as I’m too rough on my controllers. So I just buy a new standard one every year.

PS: Keep in mind there is a small sub market of disabled gamers with limited use of one hand that have been very happy these controller options so they can continue their hobby no matter what the price.


I’m glad you mentioned disabled gamers. I’m not one, and I don’t know any. But it’s an important issue to them that I’ve been aware of for decades.

Oh, and I appreciate the option of disabling blur. Thank you so much!!!

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