Let's add Magic to the list of things to review

Hi, my name is Fire Giant. When I was released I was perhaps OP. But it wasn’t a big deal because I was only OP during my event weeks. Soon after… The buffs for event weeks were nerfed from 25%/50% to 10%/20%. Can’t fault the decision. Some event weeks were just cray cray. My issue is I was built to one shot troops during my event weeks (with the right build of course). Unfortunately, this week I can’t one shot any fully leveled, fully traited and Max kingdom stats troops. Because the Armor, life, and attack of all troops has been increased since my release… But no love for magic to properly balance the skills out. When Shentang was released… The game it’s self tried to right this wrong. But quickly the magic bonus was changed to life.

Since 4x was given… There has been a calculated move to slow players down.
This topic combined with my issues recently with RFG. Pushes me closer and closer to believing that you don’t want players that play at least 2 hours a day. Or end gamers who played for years.
I suspect this is financially influenced by numbers that we are not privy to. My guess is you see much more revenue Generated by newer players than older ones.
I ask for 10 minutes with the person in charge of these stats. To explain to them that the commerce in this game is like none other than that I’ve experienced before. To keep it simple… New players wouldn’t play for longer than a week if it weren’t for vets. And they wouldn’t be making purchases to help them enjoy the game if not recommended to do so by your loyal customer base. A customer base that has a had growing divide… Since at the very least the introduction of the “combo breaker” into the game. I was still relatively new at the time so vets that are wiser than me can correct me if my time line is off.

TL:DR - Essentially, I want everyone. (most importantly myself. :wink:) To enjoy the game that I fell in love with… Without feeling like the moment I start enjoying it again. I get punched in the face by a change in the mentality that made this game great.

PS just for @Sirrian… You built a great product here. Please don’t let those clouded by greed ruin your artistic instinct. If you need more revenue your veteran player base would happily help you crowd fund it.

To everyone that took the time to read this. I thank you. Now I stand against the wall prepared for the type of crucifixion that only the forums can provide. :grinning:


Can’t one-shot, but still can deal 80+ damage cheaply and has an on-kill effect and traits that work well with a bevy of red-using, giant, and/or burn-causing teammates. An extra +2 magic from Shentang won’t change this into a one-hit sniper. There are more options than ever to buff magic in-match, such as Diviner, Liang, and now Hyndla.

I’d actually rather not have a 12-mana troop one-shot any enemy from full health. If that makes me an advocate for a slower game, so be it.


For 2 weeks a year…I think even you can handle it if its fun for others.
And since the cast is coming up 2 damage short of being a one shotter with my build. +2 to magic absolutely would matter.

The same could be said in the sense that you should be able to handle the fact that an Ultra-Rare shouldn’t one-shot any fully upgraded troop even if there is a event buffng the said UR…

If anything, people without all kingdoms bonus can still lose troops on a single cast from this troop, and if paired with Hyndla you can eentually gain the extra magic needed.

I’m all about buffing troops to make them viable and interesting, but your request just seems a bit of an overkill as the troop is fine as it is. The majority of other “non-troll giants” on the other hand still reqquires some small tweaks here and there.


I don’t want the troop changed at all. The troop the last time it was 20% buffed could one shot with the same team I’m using now. None of the troops have been directly changed. The skills for troops have all been changed due to the new Kingdoms.
Fire giant is just an example of the consequences of not keeping the game balanced.
The title isn’t… Let’s talk about Fire giant. The tile is… Let’s talk about magic. :grinning:

But you build up your case, mostly, around this card. And i don’t see a problem with it even without the extra Magic you want, because it can still kill troops as long as you provide some setup first. It’s not about making the battle longer, but making the troop’s selection more meaningful.

The balance of the game doesn’t seems upset for the lack of kingdoms increasing Magic recently, and that’s because Magic affects many effects making troops more lethal, better at healing, debuffing or buffing and others. It’s a “Jack of all trades” and it should be managed with caution.

Because the last time it was 20% buffed I had a blast using it for a week. That expectation shouldn’t be changed due to inbalance over time. If the troops were nerfed it’d be different. But they haven’t been… So the realization that my team has been nerfed due to new Kingdoms released is disappointing at best.
If I’m alone on this particular troop then so be it.

But any argument to say the say the skills have remained balanced over the past year seems a bit uneducated. Or at least… complacent.

Even if you are not directly calling anyone stupid if they disagree with you, the discussion is not being improved at this point.

Still, i must point out that your argument…

…is 100% biased, it values only at your own experience and projects it on us all when it’s not a fact that everyone enjoyed that particular week for many reasons.

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Fire Giant is easily one of the most useful Giants right now, significantly better than his legendary Firegiant Lord and Savior Jarl Firemantle (which is super idiotic but a whole other issue).
Whether or not he is 2 points of Magic short of onehitting something also seems very irrelevant considering the catastrophic state of “balance” between troops currently and the much much bigger gaps that would have to be filled instead.


That’s a much bigger issue than simply hey… Make the next Kingdom a magic one.

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I agree. I assumed that everyone was using this troop during these weeks. Which is a mistake on my part.

Exactly, if we take all the time until a new kingdom release, with all the troops being added during this period (plus the new ones from the said kingdom) we have an large influx that only makes things “worse” as there are more troops becoming irrelevant or we have more troops that aren’t even close to be as good as some already estabilished ones.

I’m not here to say that you shouldn’t value your fun with this troop (or any other) in particular, the whole point of playing a game is about having fun, but i think you are placing too much value on a single experience that is clouding your judgement about the balance of the kingdoms bonus.

If they would revert Shentang bonus again into Magic, it would still only satisfy your desire for a short period of time, specifically at the right event week and just until a new kingdom adds more health or armor. Then, you would end up in the same predicament:

Fire Giant is not meant to one-shot, without any extra proper setup, in the future, but it doesn’t means that the whole balance in the game have suddenly disappeared.

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Says who?
Cause when it was released it could. After it’s event it couldn’t anymore (understandably). But every event it was double buffed since it’s release… It could. Up until this week.
We’re haven’t had a magic kingdom since… Silverglade. And have had 5 kingdoms released since then?
But hey if you don’t like the Fire Giant Example.

Let’s judge by numbers… Screenshot_20180312-163835

Does this look anywhere near “balanced”??.. Honestly.
(The stats are max possible at my level of 1230)

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The real issue is just that the older troops need rebalancing and magic buff. I remember times back when I started playing the game - my favourite troop was Vampire Lord. True dmg scaling with red gems - wow. A few weeks ago my daughter wanted to have her own account. She’s still a kid and she needed a lot of help with setting the teams, so I sat down and started sorting through what she had. And only then I had a chance to watch how helpless without the magic bonus from kingdoms and guild most of older troops are. Poor Vampire Lord :wink:


I didn’t even consider how powerless new players are.
I’d be hating life if I didn’t have the max buffs. And all but few troops in the game.

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To win even some of PVP matches I had to set her a combo of Cockatrice and Bulette. Just to devour her way through the opponents. The same goes true for dungeon - bosses are crazy hard without a few newer legendaries.


The fact that there are two stats that can overlap to make the total “endurance” of a troop (Health and Armor). But only a single status like Magic can deal damage, heal, increase armor, increase attack, reduce stats, explode gems, generate gems and others…

Yes. You shouldn’t expect a steady release of kingdoms with one of each four status (one after the other) because Magic is more valuable as it changes many things in the game. Just now the devs are using limits to some effects like we see in Moneylender’s spell for example. Wonder why they added it?

Obsolescence happens, but mostly because the problem lies on the troops themselves and in the new ones being added, not in the amount of kingdoms with Magic bonus.

Think about it for a moment: If every troop would have five extra magic right now, would it be enough? Short term maybe/yes, but in the long term the players would lack health and armor to endure some battles and things could go wild very fast.

I do remember in October 2016 relying on great maw to win. (I didn’t even know about traits at the time).
I do play on my alts once in a while. One is level 900 and the other is level 200. I find the RFG to be more favorable to them. So that balance is good I think. But being new without bonus stats could easily be overwhelming.
Oh and early on…I used a team built on each weeks event troops… The 50% at the time was really helpful. I wish they could find a way to still do that for players under level 300. To encourage them to use different troops. 20% just isn’t enough of a carrot.

Let me ask you something… Are you a fan of ranked PvP??

No. It’s hardly an engaging experience, more like a necessary evil for certain purpposes of guild requirements and account progress.