Less pain and discomfort while playing

  1. A setting to disable screen shake. Please! :slight_smile:

  2. Reducing use of the mouse would reduce repetitive stress injuries. For example, on the far left side of the screen beside each troop that can currently cast, there could be a highly visible, glowing button. Just pressing the button will cast the troop, so you no longer have to press on the troop, move the mouse, and then press again to cast. Just to make it obvious to the player what’s going on: on the far right side of the screen, similar “buttons” show which enemies are able to cast. If this saves the player a second per match, then the loading screen could add a one second delay. (The buttons could be in between the troops and the gems, for even less use of the mouse.)


I totally agree. I posted this months ago, having the ability to instantly cast the ability by something like right clicking the troop portrait would make a big difference when playing for a long time. I already play on a small windowed interface to limit the amount of mouse travel so it hurts less. Obviously this is only applicable to PC, but it can’t be difficult to implement. Especially now with the amount of events and battles available these sessions are getting longer and the wrist pay the price. Please dear devs, it’s only a right click or a small graphic on the portrait to bypass the cast button, our collective carpal tunnel thanks you in advance. :smiley: