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Legendary Tasks Question

Are the Legendary tasks only going to be available for the guilds that complete all normal tasks every week, or are they available to everyone?

Anyone know how they are going to work to give a clear explanation?

That one. A guild that doesn’t do all tasks would need to save for 1 week, then do it the next week.

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Okay that’s what I thought. Had some guild mates asking about it. Thanks Tacet.

Wait actually to follow up on that, do you mean complete all 6 color tasks right? Or let’s say we complete all 12 of the brown tasks, more will unlock after that?

I presume no values have been mentioned yet? Hopefully something worth a million bucks…

… like my butt.

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The screenshot someone had going around showed a chance at legendary troops among other stuff being given out as a reward. No confirmation though.

I’ll cover you in guild chat as soon as the game logs me in xD

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Yeah, seen it. No values. The people completing those tasks have all mythic legendaries anyway

You have to complete all 72 tasks. Then, legendary tasks are available.

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Very helpful, thank yous.

Troops, arcanes, traitstones, that looks pretty tasty.

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Be tastier if there were values for each

Well since you can complete them over and over it would probably be a smart guess that they’ll be decently low. I doubt they wanna go back to the task abuse before.

Dont worry, im not expecting it to be good

There is a list in the 2.1.5 Arrives thread enumerating the possible rewards.

When this hits consoles, it’s just going to be a case of the rich getting richer.

There’s only one guild that’s going to be able to come close to finishing all the weekly tasks on Xbox. My guild is #12 on xbox (and rising, I believe at a faster rate than any other team besides #1, we are getting between 5-7k trophies per week) and we are only donating around 4.5 million per week, nowhere near enough to even begin thinking about unlocking legendary tasks.

I hope this entire system is re-evaluated for the console version so more than just 30 people in the top guild benefit.

Is physical play per match that much slower on the consoles?

7k a week would put your guild around 28th most active on the mobile/PC.

It could also be that the game is new enough to the consoles that the top most active players haven’t started to consolidate to earn the rewards. The difference between normal, active, and top guilds on the PC/Mobile was so extreme that active players moved to active guilds.

I believe it’s a combination of 1) Less players on console which means less hardcore players; 2) Console version has been released for less time (people are gaining resources slower as a result since fewer kingdoms leveled, etc) 3) Mobile/PC players can play on their phones, which makes things far more convenient. I am about 80% confident that no guild besides the #1 on xbox is getting more than 7k trophies per week, MAYBE Darkheaven or Birch Team but I don’t think even they are that active. I am 100% sure that it’s no more than 5 guilds tops.

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@VegaDark541 I wouldn’t be worried that much as its just more RNG. Exactly what this game needs, more Frigging rng.

Also, console players have an intrinsic aversion to economizing behavior and probably spend their excess funds on gold keys while bragging about having the high score in major traitstones.

Then what would you propose is fair for the hard-core guilds on console as we will already be losing a shit load compared to you. No offense :wink: