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Where do i find legendary tasks?

I notice when people are asking for new guild members one of the requirements is x amount of legendary tasks completed. Where do i find these, the only tasks that i notice are the the 4 daily ones on the left side of the screen. Thanks in advance.

When you are in a guild you can donate for each statue color, when they all done you can complete legendary task for 1M gold

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Ahh right, sadly im in a guild of 30 were well over half are inactive so getting each task to level 12 each week is not really going to happen. Only myself level 1090 and the guild owner are really that active.

I was in a very similar situation. Me and a friend doing everything and the rest was fairly silent. I thought we were going to need to save up to do one on our own. Instead we joined an active guild and it’s been great. We do legendary tasks all the time now. Are you on PC, XBox, or PlayStation?

im on ps4.

I think maybe your wording/interpretation are a little backwards?

When a player is looking for a new guild, they want the guild to complete some number of LTs weekly. The more LTs a guild gets per week, the more competitive/active it probably is. (Don’t nitpick me on this, there are a lot of reasons why a high-end guild might have fewer LTs.)

When a guild is looking for a player, it’s more common to have a gold donation requirement. Asking individual players to fully complete LTs is… a pretty large requirement.

So if the guild is recruiting and names a number of LTs, I don’t think they mean “you must reach this amount”. I think they’re trying to show off that they are an active guild and you will reap rewards for joining.

There’s a lot of good guilds recruiting here on the forum. I know it’s never easy to leave a guild when you’ve made friends, but it might be worth checking if your friend wants to go with you. One simple post in the PS4 guild thread should give you the opportunity to interview a few different guilds to find the right fit.

Well i think im at a point now were giving a million a week shouldnt be a problem. Il have a scout around before i decide to jump ship or not.

Scout around, yes. Decide to jump, no.

If you are an active player you SHOULD be in an active Guild, if you are taking a 3 month break to travel the world then join a guild like your current one.

Just joined The Dead Teddy Bears 18th on PS4, looks like i can give what they are asking, apart from seals this week because ive already met my requirements in my previous guild.